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I'm a big-time gaming nerd, and I like to design games. Tabletop, pen-and-paper roleplaying games mostly, but not exclusively (in fact, only two of the games in the store right now match that description). I also dabble in computer programming, so maybe some day a computer game or two will show up here.

Here's the big list:

These can all be purchased at the store.

The Rustbelt - grim, gritty, post-apocolyptic roleplaying.
Caffeine & Nicotine - experimental RPG based on the film Coffee & Cigarettes, kind of like LARP and kind of like JEEP, but not really.
Crow's Hoard - a trick-taking card game of greed, caution, and backstabbery.
Construction & Conquest - a high-customization wargame to be played with LEGO.
Knuckleheads! - RPG based on classic slapstick like Laurel & Hardy or the Three Stooges.

Pages with information to come.

Madlands - no 'count fortune-hunters in a world gone weird.
Hex Rangers - the invisible history of the American West; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow meets The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
The Laughing City - DIY/OSR D&D-alike thingy.
Heretic Sagas - big fantasy RPG, essentially an elaborate hack of The Burning Wheel.

These are games that I've stopped development on. They might get revisited later, and they might not. Note that these are all broken and/or incomplete in some way; play at your own risk!

Super Action Now! - a crazy-ass RPG where you roll metric fucktons of dice.
Badass City - competitive badassery RPG.
Obliterati - RPG about the unspeakable horror of the literary life.
Rat House - sitcom RPG in which a family of ratmen move into a nice suburban neighborhood; hilarity ensues.

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