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Beyond the Wire Productions is not a business.

For one, it's just a name. There is no "Beyond the Wire Productions" in the sense of a company. All purchases at this site are between me (Marshall Burns) as an individual dude, and you. I don't have a d/b/a license, because I don't "do business as" BtW; I just put the name on my stuff for brand recognition purposes (and because it sounds cool). I do business as me. Check the PayPal invoices, and you can see.

Furthermore, I'm one of the least businessy people you'll ever meet. I don't "make business decisions." I just make stuff, because that's the kind of person I am, and put it out there. There are only two reasons that I charge money for any of it:

1. I feel it would be an insult to the work to not charge money for it (and I price accordingly), and
2. I need the money, man.

So, every purchase that comes through this site, I consider it a personal interaction between you and me that says, "I think this sounds cool and I would like a copy," as much as, "I appreciate you for putting this stuff out there, so I'd like to make your financial situation a little more comfortable." For every little bit of money coming through, I am vastly excited and grateful.

Sometimes I'm a bit clumsy, clueless, and scatterbrained about the business-like aspects of this whole arrangement. Please bear with me; I'm not a "professional" in any sense of the term. I'm just a guy who likes to make stuff, and who sincerely hopes you enjoy it as much as I do.

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