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CONSTRUCTION & CONQUEST is a wargame for two or more players using LEGO building blocks and pieces.

Play alternates between phases of building your army and fortifications from LEGO, then invasions and other battles. Construction is limited by time and by resource management mechanics. Battles are handled by a simple set of rules that let you get straight to the carnage with out a bunch of memorization or math.

Added onto the basic framework are custom-written rules by you, the players, made up on the fly to add special functions to your constructions and units. As the resultant arms race pits players' ingenuity and resource management skills directly against each other, new optimal strategies in the battle phase constantly emerge and mutate through the interaction of the special rules.

Who will able to adapt the quickest and strategize for maximum conquest? Dig out your old LEGO, invite some friends over, and find out!

5-page B&W letter-size PDF, designed for home printing.

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