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SAE "Aero Design West, 2000"

June 9-11, 2000 Lancaster Ca

Takeoff speed computation...


Four frames from Dick Skoglund's video...

The plane is 115 pixels long.. it moves 29-30 pixels per frame which is about .2345 times its length... NTSC regulated frame rate is 30 video frames per second.. The computed speed will be .2435x(length)x30. if the fuselage is 5 feet long....36.3 fps or 24 mph (ground speed) if the fuselage is 6 feet long.... 43 fps or 29 mph ..Wind effect not recorded.. but substantial!

A fixed camera installation is easier to collect data.. only the airplane moves. The motion between frames can be easily reduced to speed and rate of climb,
The edges of the video can be used for reference with a fixed camera.


An Excel spreadsheet I worked up to compute takeoff performance...56k Downloadable

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