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..SAE Aero Design West 2002s entries

2 of the 4 Open class entries...,

.University of Akron and Embry-Riddle Daytona..


University of British Columbia.. a magnificent effort. Managed two brief hops with the aid of a LOT of wind..

University of Wisconsin, Platteville.. two similar entries.
The inverted vee-tail had a boom-strike on takeoff, which broke the forward boom mount loose in the fuselage. On takeoff, up-elevator caused the boom to deflect downwards at the rear, effectively causing an uncontrolled nose-down pitch into the ground.
This problem and the limit on pitch angle and alpha are good reasons to NOT use this configuration!

Australian National University's unique wing. Inverted vee-tail done properly.. The team showed extreme competence with epoxy!

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