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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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from The Phoenix Sutra of Ho Neaou Kun

Devotion to the fragrance of Truth guides the Butterfly
Voyager relentlessly to the Flower of Perfect Honesty.
The Dharma Queen can not count the gateways to her Garden,
For their number is greater than the stars of Heaven.
Between the thief and the king, every step is different,
Yet the Way is forever the same.

The Dharma Queen beholds the different journeys beyond
number to her Garden of Honesty - and in her contemplation
of this unique diversity, she finds her Greatest Joy!
With her laughter she shakes the Western Mountains of Light!
Yet the Way is forever the same.

The Sage Tsing Lung dwells high atop the Middle Mountain
Of Chung Shan. His duty is to feed the Celestial Carp,
which swims its Way to the source of Diamond River
upon the first day of the Dragon. This day of Renovation
occurs but once every twelve years - 156 Moons of
Fullness must wax and wane before the Heavenly Fish
returns again. During this long period of waiting,
the Sage Tsing Lung sits upon his Azure Throne in
Perfect silence, contemplating the Elixir of Life
Flaming within the Cauldron of his Heart...

Today, Tsing Lung descends from the Azure Throne to feed
the Celestial Carp. For the first time in twelve years,
Tsing Lung speaks to his friend: "How fare the Fishermen
of Diamond River since we last held converse here at
the Fountain of Beginnings?"

"Among the race of Humankind, I have met thirteen who
are seeking the Garden of Honesty," replied the Golden
Fish. "One man may find his Way to Peach Blossom Grotto
before the waning of Jade Moon, which is nigh upon us."
"This news shall give the Dharma Queen great happiness!"
exclaimed Tsing Lung. "Tell me of your experience
with this man."

"As I was ascending the Cataracts of Heavenly Instruction,
I beheld a Light like unto the Morning Star shining from
the mortal Shore of Woven Karma. Curious to discern the
Intent creating this Light, I swam closer to the Mysterious
Brilliancy and arose from the River. There upon the mossy
bank, I saw a naked man sitting in deep inner meditation.
Twin streams of joyous tears cascaded down his countenance
to fall as jewels upon the earth. He appeared to sense
my close proximity, opened his eyes, and greeted me with
a radiant smile of welcome."

"The Love of Liberty shining from your Star has drawn
me to your presence. Tell me of your Journey. From
where have you come and to where do you go?"

"Oh Celestial Carp," the man replied, "I have journeyed
from the Land of Betrayal and Falsehood. I have left
behind those who mock my Quest - Yet still they send
their minions, who seek to chain and bind me and to
force me to slave within the Pit of Unbelief. When
these deluded ones approach too near, I turn - and
the Flaming Sword of Honesty speaks from my mouth to
cut the Ideogram of Thankfulness upon the blackness of
their souls. And many, so cut, have abandoned their
masters and now seek the Greater Way of Truth and Love.
For this Great Blessing, I shed these tears of Joy.
And now a Song of growing Peace begins to consume the
Citadels of Fear!"

"I have held fast to my Vision when those I love dearly
became Demons of Doubt. And now I seek to build a
Bridge over the Chasm of Unborn Dreams, so that the
Sons and Daughters of Faith and Trust who follow me
shall find their Way without fail into the Garden of
the Immortal Alchemist - there to rejoice, in Beauty
and Humility, forever!"

The Sage Tsing Lung is well pleased with this recounting
of the Heavenly Fish. He reaches within his Heart
and draws forth the Phoenix Cauldron of Resurrection.
"Oh Eternal Friend, swim again the Diamond River and
carry this Cauldron to the naked Fisherman building
his Bridge upon the shore of Woven Karma. Entrust him
with this Gift and tell him that the Dharma Queen
awaits his arrival within Peach Blossom Grotto."

"And now the Prophecies begin to be fulfilled! I feel the
two Great Dragon Wheels, male and female, which encircle
this earth, begin to turn! Their Mating Dance within
the Western Mountains of Light gives birth to countless
Children of Noble Form and Everlasting Life. And the
Prophecy of the Ancestors is this: These offspring of
the Dragon Marriage shall inhabit the Pure Land of Honesty
and Trust which now grows Visible upon every continent.
Their Teaching of the Perfect Way shall banish all death
from this Creation and its Creator.

"May the Phoenix Elixir of Eternal Thankfulness strengthen
the True Manifestation of Every Will! And Now the
Immortal Ancestors leave Shambhala and begin their
journey toward the Abyss of Unborn Dreams - There, to
culminate the fulfillment of all Prophecies, and to
Greet the naked Fisherman as he carries the Phoenix
Cauldron Across his Bridge of Faith..."

Contemplating the Elixir of Life flaming within his
Heart, Tsing Lung cleans the Azure Throne in perfect
silence. And then, turning, he too begins to journey
to the Bridge of New Beginning...

The Fragrance of Truth permeates the Universe... Drawn by
this perfume, a Butterfly alights upon the Flower of
Perfect Honesty... The Dharma Queen laughs...
The Heavenly City descends! The Way is forever the same!

Thus ends the Transmission of Honesty, taken from "The Phoenix Sutra of Ho Neaou Kun", inscribed upon the Northern Wall, within the Temple of Transmutation, Shambhala...

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All rights reserved.