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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Eagle Gifts of Immortality

by Robert Coon

Angel of Revelation!
Blaze forth
Upon Star lanes
By canopy of Nuit!
Herald this final stratagem
Of eagle sages
Smiling at Shambhalla...
Oh let my hymn ascend
Onto the diadem
Of the new born Phoenix
For I have fathomed
The cypher of thy Play!

Fly on
Through limitless caverns
Of Buddha Mind
By thy passing torch
Of clarity
And I will follow
In your wake of vision
Enrobed in lightning -
My eyes
Ever faithful
To the pole star
Of this voyage...

Hold fast thy ankh
Of immortality
As we run upon a boulevard
From Saturn to the sun -
For we have seized
The reins of Life
From death
And drive the chariot
Of the Grail
Into the Holy Kingdom
Of the City of the Pyramids
And beyond!

Serpentine fibres
Of thy love
Twine about my heart
And guide me
To the roots
Of the Tree of Life...
My path is clear!
This -
The hour of transmutation
Spoken of
In perfect silence
At the foundation
Of this world...
I write this sacred oath
Of alchemy
Upon a golden scroll:
I shall nourish these roots
With laughter of Stars
And Praise of Saints
Until a Fruit
Never known before
In All Creation
Anoints the tongue
Of every being nesting
In this Tree of Aspiration
With a taste
Regenerating Paradise!

Now place the capstone
Of thy Will
Upon the Summit
Of the Great Pyramid...
All prophecies are fulfilled!
Reveal to all
The glorious destiny
Of our planet!
May every Star
Assume the rightful Mastery
Of its own realm!
Open this gift
And show me
Thy eternal Godhood!

Commentary on "Eagle Gifts of Immortality":

Angel of Revelation! Blaze forth upon Star lanes embraced by canopy of Nuit!

The Great Revelation coming forth in this Aquarian Age to enflame the Imagination of humanity is that of Bodily Translation or Physical Immortality. The Art of Revealing this Truth so that it takes root in a Heart with clarity and enthusiasm can be mastered through prayer and practice. We pray that this Immense Truth thrill your entire Being with its touch! Like Archimedes of old, may your Song of triumph shout forth: Eureka! I have found it!

The Spirit of Revelation often floods the consciousness at very unexpected moments. Lightning strikes - and you see a Great Truth that you have never seen quite in the same way before. What qualities may we cultivate to attract the lightning bolt? A total dedication to the Quest for Truth and an intense enjoyment of Living are very useful. Come, the game’s afoot! If you spy the Beauty of Truth in Nature, in consciousness, in relationships, in the world - pursue that gleam of Divinity until it yields to thee the entirety of its Blessing. Every instant of Living contains a tremendous potential of spiritual charge, ready to burst forth as epiphany - as revelatory manifestation of the Divine.

Pray that the Spirit of Truth illuminate the pathway, or star lane, of every Being with the “Blaze” of Revelation! Life is one continual Revelation. Moses heard God speak out of a burning bush. After the Great Vision is received, then the Way of Sharing must be found...

The concentration of Truth received in Great Visions is often communicated to others through art, prophecy and the many forms of creative love. In order for the Transmission of Vision to be continual, we need to be in a constant and open state of both receiving and giving. May your every action transmit the Joy and Beauty of Immortal Revelation!

The pathways of every being are embraced by the love of Nuit. Nuit is an Egyptian goddess who symbolizes the infinite possibilities and potentialities for each of us throughout this Universe. Every life form is a Star within the Body of Nuit. You are constantly being offered the choice to be exactly who you want to be. May the Angel or Spirit of Divine Revelation illuminate the deepest, most profound, and beautiful choice for you at every instant of thy Quest!

Herald this final stratagem of Eagle Sages smiling at Shamballa...

The final stage of the Great Work is now in motion upon this planet. The strategic gem of the emerald Rose has been rooted at Glastonbury through the wedding of the 4th and 6th global chakras. The 6th chakra appears in a specific geographical area when it is time to initiate a new Aeon. Always, it shifts 1/12th of the way to the west, around the world, from the area of the previous Age. At the dawn of the Aeon of Pisces, the mobile 6th chakra was in the Middle East. Now it is conjunct the world heart chakra in western Europe. Glastonbury is the global 4th centre - the Heart. Both centres are now united through Glastonbury Tor in dedication to broadcasting the Revelation of Everlasting Life world-wide. The events of August 17, 1987 were an essential part of this final stratagem. The Eagle Sages are the Immortals - they are smiling their Grace upon the world through the Shamballic focus of Avalon... I pray that the Spirit of Revelation reveal to all beings upon this planet the shape of this Divine Plan now in operation! May we join with the Company of Immortals to build our New Jerusalem as rapidly as Love allows!

Oh let my hymn ascend onto the diadem of the new born Phoenix for I have fathomed the cypher of thy Play!

I send forth my Blessings as Flames of Praise illuminating the Divine Presence throughout this Universe... The Emerald Rose is contained within the throat of the Phoenix of global resurrection - Glastonbury Tor. The Word is being Spoken and established within all Flesh. The Phoenix was new born or activated in 1984, the 800th year cycle from the destruction of the wattle church by fire at Glastonbury, which occurred in 1184 AD. The New Word is born through the Fire of Divine Praise. The Word of the Phoenix is now purifying this earth. The Divine Plan for the abolition of death is certain of Victory!

I have been given a great Revelation that I am sharing with you through my writings, life, and work. May my thanksgiving for having received and fathomed this Vision illuminate the Crown of Glory overspreading all Life!

Fly on through limitless caverns of Buddha Mind illuminated by thy passing Torch of Clarity...

Clarity of Vision is a key theme within the Great Work. Note the ultimate line in the original version of the Invocation of the Omega Point... Here we speak of the Liberation of Mind. May the Spirit of Revelation guide thee into the full Creative Mastery of thy Mind! The Thought of Immortal Life is now within your Mind. What do you do with this Great Thought? Invite this thought to stay and dwell forever within the Temple of your Mind! Do this and you will discover that this Thought is Alive and is a Great Teacher... Let the Thought of Immortality do its spring house cleaning and soon your Mind will be filled with Light, Compassion and Joy!

...and I will follow in your wake of Vision enrobed in lightning - my eyes ever faithful to the pole star of this voyage...

The word “Wake” carries a triple meaning in this line: 1. a radiant trail like a comet’s tail... 2. the Vision of Everlasting Life awakens wherever it goes... and 3. a wake that is a celebration for the death of death...

Enrobe thyself in Lightning! May your entire Being radiate the Full force of Immortal Revelation! Don your seamless garment whiter than mountain snow beneath the noonday sun! Advanced Immortals have the ability to materialize their clothing - it greatly decreases the launderette costs! A woman who touched the garment of Jesus in passing was healed... When I met my Elijah-Merlin character in 1967 he wore such a white robe - its radiance is forever etched within the fabric of my Being...

I have dedicated myself to being an agent of the Divine Plan for Life Immortal and Abundant. To be faithful to this Voyage is to always express the True Will for Physical Immortality in every thought, word and deed. High above the Ocean of Infinite Love the Guiding Star forever Shines! The Pole Star of the Navigator is the True Will for Life Immortal, Light, Love and Liberty! The Universe says Yes! Yes! to those who do their True Will. Thus it has always been and shall ever be...

I am that I am, the flame
Hidden in the sacred ark.
I am the unspoken spark.
I am never-dying youth.
I am Love, and I am Truth.
I am he that lifteth up Life,
And flingeth it afar;
I have filled the crystal cup;
I have sealed the silver star.
I am the creating Word...
Author of the Aeon...
I am the eternal one...
The fountain of the sun!
For I am He that ever goeth,
Being in myself the Way...

- from “The Ship,” by Aleister Crowley

Hold fast thy ankh of immortality as we run upon a boulevard from Saturn to the sun -

The ankh is the ancient Egyptian symbol for physical Immortality. It is also the symbol of Going - for Immortal Life is an eternal movement, forever changing, expanding, going... Thus the ankh keeps you connected to the movements of the True Will for Everlasting Life. The ankh is the image of the spiritual sun rising over the cross of matter - the transmutation of the mortal flesh of lead into the Immortal Flesh of Gold... The power of the Ankh is used for Bodily Teleportation by advanced Immortals in service to Divine Will...

When the Master of Excalibur leaps the abyss to become a Master of the Grail, he or she has arrived within the Cabalistic sphere of Binah. Saturn is the planetary symbol of this attainment. Upon arriving in the realm of the Bodhisattvas one chooses a sphere below the abyss to establish a connection useful to those following the pathway of initiation. An initiate totally self-contained within Binah would disappear from the creative garden of human relationships and thus would be of little use to the Divine Plan.

For instance, the return is from Saturn to the sun, or Heart. In the cabala, there is a pathway between these two spheres. In my opinion, the solar sphere is the most powerful choice of return for the new born Bodhisattva. The Master of the Grail uses the Waters of Everlasting Life to illuminate the Great Spiritual Laws of Life within the Hearts of those who are ready. The Master of the Grail is a Lord of the Heart and is able to commune with the Holy Guardian Angels of all who seek Truth. The creative conspiracy forged between one’s Guardian Angel or True Will and a Master of the Grail has the power to open wide the Heart - so that Waters may spring up forever as a source of Life Abundant and Eternal. (see John 7:38 and 4:14)

For we have seized the reins of Life from death and drive the chariot of the Grail into the Holy Kingdom of the City of the Pyramids and beyond!

A clear channel between Saturn and the sun is further established. Imagery from Tarot is used here. There are 2 tarot cards that may be used for meditation upon the various cabalistic pathways. The cards are, in this instance, the Chariot and the death cards. The death card is attributed to the ascending impulse from the sun to saturn; while the chariot governs the descending path. The Chariot is a key image in Jewish cabala, and derives from the image of Elijah achieving physical Immortality by ascending in a Chariot of Fire. The Chariot is a vehicle for the motion of Immortal Life. By combining the 2 cards into one image, we have the power of the Chariot conveying the Holy Grail to overcome death.

We gain the ability to Drive this Chariot of Life when we uproot the false foundation thought of death and replace it with the Truth of Immortality. The reflex movements in fear of death are replaced by the Divine True Will for Life Everlasting enthroned within the Heart. This is a major change of viewpoint that more and more individuals are attaining in this New Aeon. An astrological note: at least once a year there is a Saturn conjunct Sun. This is an ideal time to pray and meditate on this pathway. The working of the Laws of Praise, Love and Gratitude through the Love waters of the Heart is the central theme of this conjunction.

The Pyramid is mentioned twice in this 8th day meditation. Here we find “the City of the Pyramids.” This is a title used to describe Binah, or Saturn. Ascending, we vow to carry Physical Immortality beyond Binah to Chokmah and all higher spheres. Descending, we vow to take the Word of Life Triumphant to Cairo and the Great Pyramid. This mission was carried out on the autumn equinox of 1979 - after the completion of the writing of the 12th day at the beginning of that year. In Cairo, the Stele of Revealing was rediscovered and consecrated to physical Immortality and the Word of Physical Immortality was implanted into the collective consciousness of humanity through the global throat chakra of the Great Pyramid. Further information regarding these 1979 activities is contained in my essay, The Cairo Working.

Serpentine fibres of thy love twine about my heart and guide me to the roots of the Tree of Life...

This poem is addressed to the universal Spirit of Revelation and also to that innate power within the True Will or Nature of every Being. There is both an exterior and an interior force of Spiritual Revelation at Work. We must cultivate both modes of magickal unfoldment... Follow the movements of thy Heart! Spiritual Revelation delights to walk the pathway of Love. Let Will, Mind and Body follow the lead of the Heart. In Cabala, the great symbol of Life is the Tree. To nourish the roots of this Tree is to maintain and vitalize the pathway of every Living Being!

Within the context of global earth chakras, the geomythic Tree of Life is El Tule in Southern Mexico - half-way between the planetary 1st chakra of Mt. Shasta and the planetary sexual chakra at Lake Titicaca. In February of 1976, I journeyed to this Tree to charge its roots with the Will of Physical Immortality. This work was in preparation for the events of August 17th, 1987. Through a large global effort, the Immortal Will was successfully invoked from El Tule, from Roots to Crown, and circulated around the world through 2 Great Dragon ley arteries. This Will was called the Quetzalcoatl spirit. Since August of 1987, it has become much easier to share the Revelation of Everlasting Life with many more individuals.

My path is clear! This - the hour of transmutation spoken of in perfect Silence at the foundation of this world...

Throughout my Work, there is an importance placed upon getting the Truth of Physical Immortality established, or activated at the deepest roots, archetypes, foundations of Life... I am dedicated to resonating my Word eternally and with clarity at the deepest, most intimate heart of every Life and Relationship. You and I were present at the Creation of this Universe and this earth. In the full, prophetic expanse of that great Event, we beheld the future destiny of all Life upon this planet. We beheld a world where death has been abolished. Remember this Great Vision and Act!

The hour of transmutation spoken of here refers to two events: it specifically says that the activating of El Tule in 1987 was imaged within Divine Will at the beginning of this Universe! The hour of Transmutation is also that initiation that comes to each of us at the right perfect time: when we remember our reason for being on this planet and dedicate ourselves to the building of the New Jerusalem where death is no more... Clarity of Vision begins at this point of Life! The prophecy of Immortality was “spoken in perfect Silence” within each of us long long ago. In deep creative Silence, the Word of Life Immortal is experienced within every iota of our Being. On the symbolic 7th day of Creation, a profound Silence spread over all consciousness as we beheld the Entirety of our New Creation. We experienced the Birth and the Fulfillment of Life Everlasting speaking its Word made universal Flesh through Eternity... I write here of deep and profound memories inscribed within that summit of mystical experience some call cosmic consciousness. Pray to remember - and our universal Body shall be reunited through the bond of our shared Will for Life Joyous and for Life Triumphant over all things! So it was, so it is, and so it shall ever be!

I write this sacred oath of alchemy upon a golden scroll:

Any great Vow or Dedication of the True Will should be inscribed upon the permanent Flesh of the Divine. Call upon that Witness which is Eternal to hear your Vow. If you look closely, you may find a familiar signature written within the fabric of all Creation... Know this as Truth: I have signed my Vow upon the golden parchment of thy Soul!

I shall nourish these roots with laughter of Stars and Praise of Saints...

When the first baby laughed for the first time,
The laugh broke into a thousand pieces
And they all went skipping about,
And that was the beginning of fairies.

- J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

The laughter and Joy of the Eternal Child is creating this New Aeon. In the Egyptian Interpretation of the Dawning Age, Horus is the alchemical synthesis of all previous aeons - Immortal and forever young through the perpetual re-creation of your Heart. Hear the Child Horus laughing within your Heart!

The Foundation Stone of every Being is being constantly Blessed and purified by the Divine Praise of the Immortals. I praise the Divine Nature within You - from which All Blessings flow! I praise the Divine Will for Everlasting Life within You - for therein lies the Greatest Blessing!

Now sound the Horn of Plenty
Through all time and space!
Now sorrow and death
Vanish without trace!

With laughter and praise, we forever celebrate the triumph of Divine Will! Dance within this Flame of Praise and Feast amidst the Laughing Stars! For the Victory of Everlasting Life has been Crowned throughout this Universe!

...until a Fruit never known before in all Creation anoints the tongue of every being nesting in this Tree of Aspiration with a taste Regenerating Paradise!

Here we have another reference to 17th August, 1987: Tony Shearer made this prophecy in 1971 about this event: on the 17th August, “The Tree of Life shall blossom with a fruit never before known in the Creation...” This is the Fruit of Everlasting Life.

To anoint the tongue is to empower an individual with a creative ability to speak the Word made Flesh. The word “Christ” means to anoint. The Divine Touch stimulating Everlasting Life is what being Christed means. We use our anointed tongue to build Paradise on Earth. May light and the Will for Physical Immortality fill to overflowing every Word you Speak! In the Beginning is the Word!

In the cabalistic Tree, seekers of Truth may build their nests within any of the spheres from Malkuth to Kether and beyond. Through Initiation we move our nest to a higher sphere. The Fruit of Immortality is to be given to all beings - regardless of where they are “nesting.” The Tree of Aspiration means the Tree of Breathing in dedication to Life... “Aspiration” means to breathe for a purpose. Dedicate thy every breath to the establishment of Immortal Life and your shall ascend unto the Crown of the Tree of Aspiration. Related breath words are: conspiracy - to breathe together for the establishment of Everlasting Life on earth; and inspiration - to be filled with the Immortal breath of the Divine...

This anointing of the tongue with an elixir or golden nectar is a very ancient spiritual technique that is found in certain Hindu teachings and elsewhere. The five senses are sacred and may be purified and opened to receive the full Blessings of Divine Touch. We are to dedicate the use of our senses to the “regenerating of Paradise.” If you receive a Blessing, vow to use that Blessing for the Building of the New Jerusalem - a world where death has been abolished. In Eden, the Divine Will was only for Physical Immortality. Our Mission is to Restore Eden... In summary, I vow to offer the Fruits of Immortal Life until all Beings have the opportunity to taste them, to proclaim their own True Wills for Immortality, and to dedicate themselves to creating an Immortal Paradise on Earth! I offer you this Fruit NOW!

The Reborn World is an expression in Jewish thought for the Messianic era. This is the time of global Regeneration, when the Immortal Waters of the Grail of Life transform the Wasteland. “Ye who have followed me in the Regeneration shall receive Everlasting Life!” (from Matthew 19:28-29). When the Grace of Immortal Touch activates the True Will for Everlasting Life, then the Regeneration of all Flesh begins... You regenerate your own Life and this earth when you Act to fulfill the Divine Will for Physical Immortality. 1989 was the year when the Great Regeneration spoken of by Jesus became visible to those who follow with faith the Pathway of Everlasting Life. Once every 19 years a great cycle of work begins. This cycle commences when there are two Scorpio full moons in succession, in April and May. This happened in 1989, and will next occur in 2008. The Shasta-Glaston Workings mentioned in several places in my writings are an essential part of this Planetary Regeneration - the beginning of the Messianic Aeon...

Now place the capstone of thy Will upon the Summit of the Great Pyramid... All prophecies are fulfilled!

It is considered possible that the Great Pyramid was constructed without a capstone. When we find this “Stone that the builders rejected,” we place it upon the summit of the planetary throat chakra, so that the Truth of this Word may be quickly restored to all beings. The Capstone of Will is the Revelation of the True Will for Physical Immortality. Several esoteric books have been written about the Great Seal of the United States, which shows an eye of Wisdom radiating from the restored Capstone of the Pyramid. The Millennium was inaugurated at the Great Pyramid on the Autumn Equinox of 1979 when the archetypal Word of Everlasting Life was projected into the collective consciousness of all humanity.

When you develop clearly the Word of your Will, this Gift you have to share may be magnified through prayer and invocation from the throat chakra of the Great Pyramid. We are living within the early years of the Millennium. Now place this World within the Fount of Regeneration!

Every prophecy of Immortal Truth is fulfilled at the right time. We are given no prophecy without the ability to bring it into complete manifestation. All prophecies are fulfilled when you place the True Will for Immortality upon the summit of aspiration as your guiding principle. Become an Immortal Being - and you fulfil all the ancient prophecies...

Reveal to all the glorious destiny of our planet!

Pray that the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Revelation reveal to every being the great Truth that this planet is destined for Immortality. Our Mission is to spread the Everlasting Gospel to all beings upon the earth. Gospel means good news. We are destined to Recreate this world and all life upon it into the New Jerusalem where death and pain and suffering vanish. This prophetic Vision is contained within each of us. With light, enthusiasm, and a clear faith in the Divinity within all things, this inner Truth may be illuminated and known by each of us.

May every Star assume the rightful Mastery of its own realm!

When each of us begins to express our True Wills with some degree of consistency, then harmonious relationships begin to become the natural experience for all beings. In time, a Pure Spiritual Anarchy is established. We have only One law to follow - and that law is internal and external: The Law of our own True Will. Every True Will honours the Liberty and Life of every other Being upon this planet. Every Star is a unique Being within the Heaven of the Harmonious Whole... Every Action of my Creative True Will nourishes the Life, Love, Light and Liberty of your Divine True Will! And so it is with all Beings... The Miraculous and exquisite design of this Universe and all its relationships is a Fountain of Wonder and a Reason for Praise forever and ever! May Immortal Blessings of Joy and Thanksgiving rain upon the Creative Will wherever Life is born and rising! This Universe! This Grail! Within this Embrace, all Life is forever glorified and uplifted! You are the Master of this Universe... I am the Creator of my Universe... The Miracle is this: All our Universes forever in Re-creation occupy the same space without conflict. Explore the deepness of this Truth: Life is infinitely Abundant. The Cornucopia of Life Immortal and Triumphant is to be found within every point of space and time. Choose any point in space and time at random: within that point is contained an infinity of all Divine Blessings. Nourish this point with Praise, Love and Gratitude and the Needs of your True Will shall be supplied. Learn to Sound this Horn of Global Regeneration, and you shall assume thy rightful place as a Master within the Rainbow Starhood - the co-creators of this New Immortal Aeon!

Open this Gift and show me thy eternal Godhood!

This thought is identical to the following lines from my “Invocation of the Heart of the Hierophant:”

Reveal to me
Your Divine Perfection...
Embrace me with all
The majesty of your godhood...

The Gift of Everlasting Life is contained within every Being. We learn through the experience of Living, how to open this Gift and to share it with all our brothers and sisters. We make it easier for our brothers and sisters. We make it easier for the unveiling of this precious Gift by seeing only the Eternal nature at work within every Being we come into contact with.

The Eagle Gift of Immortality is freely given to all Beings. It is the nature of this Gift to open wide to Divinity all minds, all hearts, all Will, all Flesh... It is the nature of this Gift to be shared with all Life forms throughout the Universe. Oh you who read or hear these Words: I see the Beauty and Joy of your Immortal Godhood! With celebration, with Song, with Dance - let us Shine the Blessings of this Gift upon the Radiant Flesh of All Creation!

And the twelve gates
Were twelve pearls;
Every gate was of one pearl...

- Revelation 21:21

Behold the Jewel of Precious Life within thee! Behold the Pearl of Great Price - the Truth of Everlasting Life, and the Will to bring this Truth into its Full beauty as the New Jerusalem... The Pearl is the sacred stone of Binah and represents Mastery of the LAWS of Immortal Life. Let thy Life be a testament to the Working of these Laws: Dissolve the Pearl within the Great Cup of Binah and let us share this Grail of Grace with All who thirst for Love and Liberty!

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All rights reserved.