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Racing News From Around The World
- World Supersport -
"The excitement continued at Monza with the Supersport race, where the chicane failed to catch out any riders - though at times it was very close! Andrew Pitt almost ended his race on lap one when a rider failed to pull up in time and struck the back of his Kawasaki. “I don’t know what happened but I just was clouted from behind and then at every right hand corner all I heard was the exhaust scrapping on the ground.” The damage didn’t really affect his performance and he eventually finished in fourth place. “I felt I was quicker than the rest throughout the race but I just couldn’t make a break. They kept on passing me and then slowed me down in the corners and this possibly cost me a podium,” he said after the race. Iain MacPherson was just over a tenth of a second behind Andrew in fifth place, and happy to finally score some decent points. He said, “It was like a lottery out there and anyone could have won. I really felt that at least one of us could have been on the podium. I’m sure if we had one more lap we both might have been there. The bike was so good on the brakes and I was able to keep up my corner speed throughout the race, but at this track you just don’t get many passing opportunities." Coverage from
- World Superbike -
"Race One: Akira Yanagawa and Gregorio Lavilla put on a stunning display for the huge passionate Italian crowd, to finish race one with third and fourth respectively. Akira and Gregorio both survived an incident packed first lap where the new chicane at the end of the main straight consumed bike after bike. The attrition rate almost took the centre stage in some of the most exciting racing seen in World Superbikes this year. It was a difficult race, but Akira and Gregorio tried to work together – by slipstreaming each other - to bridge the gap on the leading group in the opening laps. Akira was really happy with his ride saying, “I know the bike is really fast in a straight line and now it is much better in every other area -so I’m very happy to finally make the podium here.” Gregorio was a little disappointed to finish in fourth, saying with a smile, “If I had known I was battling for a podium then I probably would have tried to pass Akira, but I didn’t want to take my team-mate out. I’m so happy to just finish this race with some good points.” In last year’s race, Gregorio broke his pelvis in an horrific crash that almost ended his racing career. Race one results: 1. T. Bayliss (Ducati) 2. C. Edwards (Honda), 3. A. Yanagawa (Kawasaki Racing Team), 4. G. Lavilla (Kawasaki Racing Team), 5. R. Laconi (Aprilia), 6. S. Chambon (Suzuki), 7. L. Pedercini (Ducati), 8. G. Bussei (Ducati), 9. M. Sanchini (Ducati), 10. M. Borciani (Ducati). Race Two: Akira Yanagawa continued where he left off in race one with another come-from -behind podium finish. His second third place of the day signalled a return to form for the Japanese rider after a frustrating start to the season. “This is a new start to the season for me and I am so happy to have two podium finishes this weekend. My bike was really fast, but it wanted to go one way and I wanted it to go the other way, so this was a bit of a battle.” Monza track continue to be a “voodoo” track for Gregorio. He crashed after six laps and ended the day on a medical stretcher. He suffered a very nasty looking high side in the final turn whilst in eighth place. His injuries were only minor compared to his Fuchs Kawasaki though, and he will be able to continue his fight for the Championship in the next race." Coverage from
- 2000 Parts Canada Superbike Championship -
Race City Results - For round 1 Michael Taylor snagged 3rd position on his zx9r, Francis Martin 4th on his zx7rr, and Neil Jenkins & Jeff Williams round out 8th & 9th place both on zx7rr's. Results for round two were about the same. Francis Martin got 4th place, Neil Jenkins & Jeff Williams rounded out 6th & 7th place overall. For the year Francis Martin is in 4th place with a total of 64 points & Neil Jenkins in 5th with 50 points.
- AMA Superbike -
Road Atlanta, GA - Eric Bostrom gets a strong 5th place in the first race and improves to 4th place in the 2nd. Overall he is sitting in 2nd place for the year standings so far!
- AMA 600cc Supersport -
Road Atlanta, GA - Eric Bostrom gets the holeshot and that is the last time anyone else was with him for the whole race. I think he ended up with a 4-5 second lead over everyone else. He is sitting in 1st place for the year in this class!

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