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- J$tyles Map of "R6 Ridas" -


- How to use this map -
1. The dots on the map represent a riders location (different colors represent different riders)
2. To find out more info about a rider remember which color there dot was on the map (red,black,etc.) and which state they are in.
3. Then find the states link below, click on it, and it will take you to that states page where you will find all the riders in this state.
4. Finally match the color of the riders dot to the font color their info is written in!

US Map of YZF R6 Riders - 2 New Riders Added 10-12-01

[AK] [AR] [AZ] [CA 1 NEW] [CO] [FL] [GA] [HI] [IA] [IL] [KS] [LA] [MA] [MD]
[MI] [MN] [MO] [MS] [NC] [NH] [NJ 1 NEW] [NM] [NY] [OH] [OR] [PA] [SC] [TN] [TX] [UT] [VA] [WA] [WI]

If you would like your location on the map, especially all you Canadian Riders, EMAIL ME with any info you would like on your page!