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For Y2K kawasaki's zx6r gets a major clean up! With an all new engine, revised suspension, changes to the frame, reduced weight, and a new aerodynamic fairing. Weight gets dropped down to 379lbs (only 5 more than yamaha's r6), rear tire stepped up a size to 180/55 ZR17, compression ratio gets bumpped way up from 11:8:1 to 12:8:1 and now requires 90 and above octane, and a larger redesigned ram air system helps feed more air to the beast. This year the zx6r is showing that it is not to be messed with in AMA 600 Supersport with Eric Bostrom as a rider. Now not everyone can ride like him but this is still a great bike and hopefully my site will help you learn more about this amazing bike and maybe lead the the purchase of one! ...... J$tyles

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