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Friends Big & Small

On this page you will see why we said that we wanted to keep the tiger a distant friend.

This is that cute tiger KITTEN now.

Now you know why we wanted to keep him distant. He's a little too big for us to play with anymore. Of course he was too big for us even when he was a kitten. Well thats enough about BIG PUSSY CATS. Lets get back to our Dog world. Here is a site all about dogs, and it's called Just click the green paw.

My name is Todd

This is Todd, he belongs to someone mom knows. We don't know him but he lives with Lily, who you'll see right below and 5 cats so he can't be bad. Todd's got a lot more fur then we do so he look's a lot bigger than he really is. You can tell by looking at his paws. See how little they are, You don't think that they could carry all that weight, do you?

This button will take you to a meeting place for animal lovers.

I'm Lily and Todd is my big brother

Lily is Todds sister. She's real little. I think that she is smaller than me and Mickey. That 's really small, but then Good things come in small packages, I ought to know, look at me. She was pretty sick right after she went to live with Todd and his family, but they took her to the vet's and had him give her the medicine she needed to make her feel better. Now she's a big girl (if you can call her big) and full of energy. She's like us, She's a big dog in a little body.

We belong to Billie's Family

These guys belong to Billie. They are Harley, the big gold one, Zeus, the Great Dane, and Bart, the Black Lab.

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