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Our Family

Here are some of our family members. You will get to see all of them
if you browse through the whole photo gallery.

Big Sister

This is Brandy. She is a Black Lab. She looks big and dangerous to us, but she is really nice. She lets us jump up on her, and she shares her food with us. She tries to play with us once in the while but her back legs bother her, so she does not run too much anymore. She's getting old, as you can see by the white on her chin, and slowing down. We try to make her think that she rules the roost around here by letting her go out the door first, but everyone knows that YORKIES rule this house.

Rainbow Bridge Tribute Page
This site will please you if you have ever had a pet that passed on. It brings tears to a lot of peoples eyes, but it is nice to think about a pet being in a place like this after they leave us.

The Twins

Here are two of our brothers. There are four all together. These two were litter mates just like Mickey and Me. They were adopted out of the animal shelter by mom. K-C, the one on the left, is the protector of all of us that live here. He just sits back and keeps an eye on what's happening around the house. He's not scared of anything, even Brandy. If he thinks that she has hurt one of the other family members he goes and jumps on her back and starts biting her. Boy is that a site, 75 pound Brandy with 15 pound K-C on her back. Can you imagine that? He keeps the peace around here.

Black Kat

Mom say's that K2 is a gordy cat because when he sits he looks just like a gord. He came to live here when he was so small he did not know how to eat. Mom's daughter almost ran him over in the road out in the middle of the country. When she stopped he ran under the front of the car so she had to crawl under and get him. There were no houses around so she took him to mom's house. He likes to look mysterious, and he hisses a lot at everyone so that they think that he is a Big Bad Black Cat. That really makes everyone laugh. He is scared of his own shadow if he gets outside alone. He likes to chase the yellow cat too. I guess because the yellow one is the smallest of the felines. He only weighs 9 pounds. The others are 14 and 15 pounds.

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Bratt Cat

This is our oldest brother, Bratt. He wandered into dad's garage one day when he was a kitten, and ended up staying. Dad thought he was one of Billie's kittens since she was here with hers, but when he brought him into the house to give him to her she already had two. Mom tried to find out where he came from but no one would claim him, so he stayed. He was the first of the cats to come here and live.

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Dyno is the one who likes to try mom's patience. She never had to put childproof door latches on her cabinets until he came along. Mom rescued the twins from the animal shelter, and she couldn't leave the last one of the litter so both K-C, and Dyno came home. Dyno has learned to open the cupboard doors and gets inside. He sure didn't like it when mom put those latches on them. He kept trying to get the doors open but they just opened about an inch and then snapped close again. He sat there for about an hour the first day trying to open them doors. He just does not know when to quit. He still goes back and tries to get into those cupboards, and ther is nothing in them for him, just cleaning supplies and pots and pans. Well, he is persistant.

Here is another animal site for you.

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