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This is Dad's and Mom's human family. Their daughter, son and grandchildren, oh, and mom is holding a friend, one that we want to keep very distant.

Mom, Dad and Tiger Kitten

This is our Mom and Dad. Mom's holding a really cute tiger kitten here, the only problem is that the kitten grows up.

Daughter Billie and her family

This is moms daughter, Billie-Ann, along with her husband, Dean, and their first born son, Jake. Jake is not real happy about holding on to the tiger because the tiger wanted to get down and kept squirming. They have another son, Scott, you will see him just below. Don't let that angelic face fool you, he really can get into a lot of trouble.

His Name Should Have Been Dennis the Menance

Don't let the cute face fool you, this little guy gets into more trouble than even his mom can keep up with. He spends a lot of time in time-outs at the day care, and he's only 2. Well I guess he likes to investigate a lot too. How else you gonna learn.

Mark and Kelley

This is mom's son Mark and his new wife Kelley. They just go married in June of 1999. Kelley is a high school teacher and a soccer coach for the school she teaches at.


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