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PuppyMill & Rescue Information Links

This page is dedicated to all the animals that are used
as machines to produce a crop for their keepers.

By visiting the sites below you can see what kind of lives these animals live, and see what types of abuse they put up with. These pages were created to give you some insite to the conditions under which these animals live. They supply information on the puppymills, rescue efforts, and animals that have been saved from this miserable life.

I'm sure that not all puppymills are as cruel to their animals as some of these places, but I can't imaging any animal living all their life in a cage, not being able to run in a yard, or even around in a small fenced kennel. Most of the smaller dogs have never felt the ground under their paws. When one of these dogs is saved by one of the rescue foundations, they are usually scared of people, most have teeth missing or, they are bad due to lack of proper nutrition. They are not house broken because they are never taken out of the cage they live in. If they are in a cage that is stacked beneath another dogs cage all the waste from the animal above drops down onto them, so they become matted and dirty and usually smell quite bad. The puppy mill owners don't want people to know this because if they knew where those cute little puppies come from they might object and stop buying them. If that happened, the dogs would not have to keep producing the live crop for them.


We are constantly looking for ways to educate the public about where the pets they buy in petshops come from. I cry when I read some of the events described by the people who were present at some of the puppymill raids and have seen firsthand the conditions and the abuse these poor dogs are surviving in.

With the airing of dateline's expose on the puppymills a lot more of the public has been informed about these horrendous places. I, and many other animal lovers have written to thank Dateline, and hope that they will expose even more in the future. When the public knows where the pet shops get their animals, I am sure they will look to the breeders that care about their dogs and the vicious chain will finally be broken. If the people don't buy animals from the pet shops, the pet shops don't buy animals from the puppymills and the puppymills have no reason to keep producing their living crop. This is what we are striving for.

Here is a site to see if you are interested in participating or, supporting The Dog Rescue . The Rescue Resource

Click on the fire and it will take you to a site that has links to the media that you can email protests against Puppymills to.

Please help stop the inhumane treatment of live animals by going to this site and signing the petition against drop-off bins for live animals. This type of treatment should not be allowed for any living species.


UPDATE--Dec, 1999. Through the efforts of the organizations that constantly fight for the helpless animals the drop bins in Tennessee have been permanently destroyed. All the lettes and emails that were sent to the state represenatives finally made a difference. It may seem like a small accomplishment to some but all small victorys added together make a big difference.

Thanks to everyone that voiced their objections to these sort of things.

This site is filled with information and stories about the outcome of owning a puppymill puppy, and how you can help.

Visit this site to have a peek at what puppymills are really about. We are all tying to put a stop to these practices. Please support the campaign to stop the PuppyMill breeders by signing any petitions you come across.

To get to the Yorkshire Terrier rescue site just click on this button.

This site will give you a lot of information about puppymills, and what you can do to help.

Please visit this site and print out and sign the petition against the conditions of Puppymills. The address to send it to is at the top of the petition. The site is Petition

You can enter into the raffle to support the fight against puppymills by clicking on the paw above.

This paw will take you to a page titled "PuppyMills Education Page".
No matter what the breed of dog, big or small, they all suffer the same lonely and painful end.

Please help in the Rescue effort, and in our fight against puppymills by visiting these sites and learning about how you can help. The conditions of some of these PuppyMills is an atrocity. If we allow these places to go on ungoverned we are as guilty as the owners are.

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