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You have seen all of our family, now this page belongs to me.
Miss MINNIE, the Queen of this homestead.

Well don't you think I look like a Queen

I know how to get what I want here, just like any other queen does. It really isn't hard. All I have to do is lay around and look cute look for my humans. I have it pretty good here, I'm no dummy. If they want me to wear bows and things I will. If that makes them happy I'm all for it.

Looking Pretty

I think I take a pretty good picture, What do you think? I'm so photogenic dad always gets good pictures of me, of course it's hard not to when your as cute as me. Dad calls me his dainty little girl, that's because Mickey weighs 7 1/2 lbs, and I only weigh 5 1/2 lbs. I can run faster than Mickey too, cause my legs are longer. Typical attractive female traits I guess. I hope when you finish looking at our album that you sing our Guestbook. There is one at the bottom of this page or you can return to the first page and sign our Guestbook there. We would enjoy hearing from you, even if you don't own any of us special little people. You know YORKIES!!! Speaking of Yorkies here is a site about Yorkies and more. I'm sure you will love this site if you like ours.

Max and Carley's Place

Well, what do you think I been doing?

It's so much fun chasing things in that watering hole that's always filled for us. With 7 animals in the house that all drink from one pool it's big enough for me to get in and stand but there is always something laying on the botton and I just have to get it. Mickey just does not understand about this. Those small tings floating around just don't belong in our water dish. I keep thhings under control,c an't you tell by looking at me. Us girls have to get our exercise somehow so that we can stay in shape.

Just sitting around relaxing.

Even I have to relax sometime. I usually like to jump up on dad's lap and curl up there and catch a nap, but sometimes he's not around so I have to find somewhere else to sit and lay.

I'll Get It!

I just had to get that thing in the grass. It just kept spitting out all that wet stuff, and I sure didn't want it to hurt any of my family. I got it real good, it's not going to hurt anyone here, can't you tell?

Really, I had it!

I just couldn't hang on to the thing. It's so slippery and wiggly, and it kept squirming all the while I was trying to hold it. Naturally, Mickey is nowhere around when you need him. Typical male.


Mom really tried to get close up with this one. I had to smell that funny black box she was using. I didn't want to take any chances on it trying to grab me when I wasen't looking. It never did do anything, I don't know why mom wanted me to smell it anyhow. Oh well, I'll be watching you as you travel through the rest of our site so behave. I hope you enjoyed my page. The next page is for Mickey, I don't know why he has to have his own page. Oh well, he's my brother so I guess that it's OK.

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