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Portrait Procedure
by: Linda Draper

THE FIRST MEETING may take place in person, at the studio,
or over the telephone. It will depend on your distance from Linda's studio.
The discussion will center on what you envision for the portrait. Points to
consider include mood, composition, setting, clothing and the size of the
finished work. After arriving at a preliminary concept of the picture, an
appropriate fee can be discussed.

THE NEXT STEP is setting the date for the photo session.
Depending on the complexity of the session, it may take a few hours or
an entire day. From start to finish, the average is about three hours.
Photo sessions are usually scheduled for weekends to avoid
disruption of school or work schedules.

A POINT TO CONSIDER: If the artist is committed to a number of
portraits before yours, it is still possible for her to take photos now,
that will document the subject at the desired time.
The painting can then be added to Linda's schedule for completion later.

BEFORE THE PHOTO SESSION: It is a good idea to collect items
needed for the picture before the artist arrives. These may include
a couple changes of clothes, pets, family treasures, such as, furniture,
silver, dolls, hand-made items, etc... Inclusion of such items, combined
with Linda's almost photorealistic technique, elevate your portrait from
mere representation to that of historical documentation. This is a
wonderful opportunity to record treasured items that may become
dispersed throughout your family with the passage of time.

ANOTHER POINT TO CONSIDER: You may wish to commission
a separate portrait for each child. As generations pass, it may prove
complicated to decide who takes possession of the one family portrait.

ON THE DAY OF THE PHOTO SESSION: It is important that you
communicate as many of your preferences as possible. In addition to the
ideas of your own, you may wish to seek input from sources such as
books and magazines. Also show the artist where the final work is
planned to reside. The first payment of thirty three percent of the
agreed estimated fee will be due at this time.

THE LIGHTING that provides the best results is outdoor, natural.
Either mid-morning or late afternoon sun is best. Rain dates can be
scheduled if inclement weather is anticipated. Dry, overcast days can
also provide excellent photographic lighting. If the photo is to be taken
indoors then a bright sunny day is best. The bright day is useful when
the artist is able to bring the light indoors by a bounce light technique.
This can create a beautiful indoor atmosphere.

BE WELL RESTED AND PATIENT: Approximately three to six rolls
of film may be exposed. Remember, these couple of hours set
the tone of an artwork that will last generations.
It should start as an enjoyable experience

LET CHILDREN BE THEMSELVES: It is usually best for all concerned
and the finished painting if children are allowed freedom of expression,
behavior and body position. Siblings who are not portrait subjects
should be provided with other activities.

PETS: are generally photographed separately and also attempted with
the subject. This provides an opportunity to hold or position the pet
in a cooperative manner. Please consider having your pet groomed
before the day of the photo session.

BACK AT THE STUDIO: Linda will create one to six pencil drawings
which will be sent to you for your approval. You may select one drawing
as the basis for the painting or suggest combining from a couple
different drawings. Any or all of these drawings may be purchased
if desired. Return any unpurchased pencil drawings and the approval
drawing (needed temporarily for reference)to the artist. The fee of
any drawings purchased will be due at this time. NOTE: any drawings not
purchased at this time cannot be guaranteed for future purchase.

EXACT COMPLETION DATES: will always vary due to the number and
complexity of the paintings, so deadlines are difficult to set in stone.
The artist currently estimates that a new project will take eight
to sixteen months to complete. A few exceptions can be made to this
rule of thumb regarding portraits that have a specific deadline.
The second payment of thirty three percent of the fee will be due
halfway through the completion of the work.

FINAL APPROVAL: It is better to visit the studio to view the painting
for granting final approval. If that is not possible, Linda will send an
8x10 photo. Once approved, the final payment is due.
This includes the remainder of the commissioned fee, travel and
accommodations expenses(if any), any special requested additions
to the art, and any applicable taxes. Upon completion, the art is carefully
packaged for shipment and delivered. The last
shipping charges will then be billed.

TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION EXPENSES: When the artist travels out of
town for a commission, these expenses are reimbursed by the client.
If there is more than one client in the area, expenses may be divided
equally. NOTE:If someone is interested only in speaking with Linda about
a future painting, this does not qualify for divided expenses.

SHIPPING & INSURANCE: Your painting would be shipped via
United Parcel Service, fully insured, in a sturdy wooden box constructed
for your art. Total cost typically does not exceed $150. If the size of the
crated art exceeds UPS limits, a transport company will ship it via truck.
This method is usually more expensive than UPS, mostly due to higher
insurance costs. However, your homeowner's policy may already cover
the art, and if not, an inexpensive temporary rider may be added to it.