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Terrier Dog Art Examples
by: Linda Draper

 © 2000 Linda Draper

"Border around art is to only suggest frame and is not on limited print"
Below are details of the painting and not individual prints

The Terrier Group

2000 is the sixth year of Linda's Group Series project and the introduction of the Terrier Group Painting.
This painting depicts 54 puppies and adults of the 27 Terrier breeds that AKC
recognizes as of the year 2000. Every canine image is an individual portrait of particular dogs.
Most of them are well known from across America, and some are of potential stars!

The original painting is 28" x 60", oil on wood panel. It is created in a painstaking
photorealistic style of National Artist, Linda Draper.

It was quite exciting to have spoken with, and dealt with some super stars like Mrs Joan Ludwig,
Damera Bolte, Peter Green, Mr. & Mrs. Ric Cashoudian, & Mr. Dan Kadrowski of Terrier Type.
Everytime I do one of these paintings I learn bits and pieces about many breeds. I also learn tips,
techniques and about the commitment it takes to make these dogs top in thier field!.
All information helps me recreate the right coat, color and conformation.
I can only paint as well as I have been guided.

I took the photo reference used for the background sky on my way to California in about 1983.
I held onto those photos hoping a moody painting was in my future. I thought the
turbulent sky with just enough sun parting the clouds set the tone for a Terrier Painting!
I used photo reference from Ireland to create the landscape.

The hardest part, is getting photos from people, and on time. At one point I was desperate
for a puppy image and went to the internet. I found a picture of a pup that would look
just right! Not knowing the breed well or the lines I ended up picking a pup that
turned out to be a Gold Producer and top winning Bitch a few of years in a row!

"The Brat", as most people know was one of the top Smooths of all time! but there are
almost no handy photos available of him. I was sent to Terrier Type. Mr. Dan Kadrowski was
wonderful enough to send me an ancient, commerative issue about "The Brat". It was in
great condition. I used it's B&W cover for my photo reference!

I was given a super 8 x 10 of "Tucker" the Border Terrier. I painted what I saw. Damera
and Tucker's owners were very pleased but realized it was a good photo but it was taken just
after he had been stripped! Oh! My Gosh... He Was Naked!!! They got me another photo of
him in proper coat so I was able to dress him up again!

There was another dog that had had his tail docked too short by accident. It was winning
tremendously in the show ring anyway. They pointed this out and suggested I add
about 2" to it to be correct.

The Airdale is "Serindipities Eagles Wings". The owner, Barbara Schnieder, brought to my
attention... out of all the puppy photos she sent me I unknowingly ended up picking the same dog as a pup!

Bless his sole... Peter Green wins the award for entrusting me with a
landslide of his dog photos ...thanks Peter!!!

The Terrier Group Breeders/Owners/Handlers are definitely the most unique in every aspect of all
the groups I have worked with thus far!!! I thank all of them that helped me with this project. : )

Click on highlighted art to see more detail.

© 2000 Linda Draper

  West Highland White

© 2000 Linda Draper


© 2000 Linda Draper


© 2000 Linda Draper

  Minature Schnauzer

© 2000 Linda Draper


© 2002 Linda Draper


Portrait of:   
Ch. Caledonian Berry   
Of Wolfpit   

Click Ptg. for   
more detail   

Group Print order Information
Linda Draper's "Group Dog Show Series" signed, limited edition Iris Giclče prints
are now available (ordering info below). These prints will become highly collectable due to
their quality printing on 100% Rag Arches watercolor paper and extreme, limited edition of only 400 each.
Prints are all 15.5” x 29”. These prints will never be reproduced at this large size or low number series again.
Also, watch for them in her booth "at a show near you!"!
Click above on your favorite group to see some breed portraits
(this section is under construction so please be patient, thanks!)
Print ... $100.00
Remarque ... $50.00 each
(Remarque = A custom pencil drawing of your dog,
from your photo, centered on the lower border of the print.
Aproximately 2" x 3"
Shipping/insured: ... $20.00 (Non-framed print only)

To place an order, please e-mail me below, or click this button for your printable order form.

Group Prints available:
Working Group, Sporting Group, Herding Group
Terrier Group, Hound Group, Toy Group, Non-Sporting Group

Send check or money order payable to:

Linda Draper or Eternal Moon
Custom Portraiture & Prints
1828 Haversham Key
Va. Beach, VA 23454-1160

Call: (757) 481-1349

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