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Canine Portraiture @ Eternal Moon by Linda Draper
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Canine Portraits on slate
by: Linda Draper

Linda has now come up with a new and exciting style of portraiture! For those of you that say "I do not have any room on my walls anymore" or want a conversation piece that will last for generations... here it is. Linda uses a photo of your choice to paint from. The natural stone creates a warm and rich backdrop for each unique painting. Each slate is one of a kind even before the art.

Slates Fees   
Each slate is $250.00 Based on single dog head study.

© 2002 Linda Draper
Great Dane  

Painting of
Oil painting on slate
of the number one All-Breed Rottweiler in the United States 2001.
"Hans". Art Aproximately 12 x 13 inches

Click to see larger image and detail     Click to see larger image and detail

Slate Painting of
Bearded Collie and a Yorkshire Terrier
Art Aproximately 14 x 14.5 inches

Slate Painting of
Oil painting on slate
of Throughbred race horse "Bright Secretary", Son of Secretariat!
Art Aproximately 10 x 12 inches

© 2001 Linda Draper
"Mira" a Shiba Inu
Art Aproximately 10 x 12 inches

© 2002 Linda Draper
A Dorset Ram
Art Aproximately 9 x 12 inches

To place an order, please e-mail me below, or click this button for your printable order form.

Send check or money order payable to:

Eternal Moon or Linda Draper
1828 Haversham Key
Va. Beach, VA 23454-1160

Call: (757) 481-1349