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A Tantric way to enlighten inner power!

This internationally renowned institute has been established near by the bank of holy Ganga (in Varanasi) by Acharya Dr.Vagish Shastri for proper training of :
  • Vagyoga Kundalini Meditation, which provides a peaceful, creative and better life free from physical and mental problems.
  • Divine language Sanskrit through unique Mnemonic Technique based on Natural Law & attractive lesson- presentations which awaken the latent knowing power within students who have been coming from all parts of the world for last three decades.
  • Advance courses of both.
  • Chanting of Sanskrit verses in musical way.
  • Teaching and Publication of Yogic and Tantric Texts.
Dr. Vagish Teaching

About Dr. Vagish Shastri

About Vagyoga

Acharya Dr.Vagish Gurudeva has invented and developed the energetic technique, celestial vibration and Mantrapower for awakening of Kundalini( Inner Power) and Mnemonic Technique for Sanskrit Learning. He communicates creative energy and unfolds the hidden power of his disciples through Vagyoga techniques. Dr.Shastri has a rich library in the rental building of VCP.
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Energetic Technique

Vagyoga: Kundalini Meditation

Celestial Vibration

Mantra Power & Super Conscious State

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Sanskrit through Vagyoga Mnemonics

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"Wise men say power of the senses is greater( more subtle ). But greater (more subtle) than senses is the mind. Yet more subtle (Finer) than the mind is intellect, and greater (beyond) than intellect is He- the spirit in man and in all."

Address: B.3/131A, Shivala, Varanasi (U.P.) -221001, INDIA. Phone:0091-542-311706 Fax:0091-542-314615 E-maiL: