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W e consist eight bodies including the gross physical body. These are gross, subtle, more subtle subtlemost , superconscious & the greatest superconscious bodies. Our six bodies are full of 1. Tamas (darkness), 2. Rajas (redness : love & anger), and 3. Sattva (whitness : changeable peace & happiness) qualities of illusions. The state of 7th body is unified field of these 3 qualities, but 8th body is out of qualities, innumeral waves of vibration & changes. We need excercises in Yogic & Tantric way under a traditionally enlightened Sadguru to reach the state of 8th Body for energy, peace & bliss.

....... Meditators purify their physical body through Hatha Yoga : special postures which help to balance Solar & Lunar nervous system & awaken Kundalini (serpent) power to some extent. The breathing practices are normally known to many Yoga- teachers. But it is impossible to enter in energetic channel through the normal breathing practices. Revered Sadguru Acharya Dr. Vagish Shastri found the techniqes to awaken energetic channel through special exercises of Pranayama. Energy moves at some special places (Chakras) of meditator's body upto 5th Vishuddhi Chakram around the neck & throat. It is a sign of Pranic Vishuddhi (purification) : with help of Mantra. The Mantra vibrations connected to all ten Pranas come to Gurupeetham, the confluence of three powers, the gate to peep inside the Ajna Chakram works through Shaktipata (transmitting power) of Sadguru.

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