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V agyoga means union of the subtlemost level of speech or sound. It consists of two branches :

1. Para of Turiya 4th level of the sound, the state of the soul in itself beyond the senses & mind. ;

2. Apara, the spiritual and other sciences. The Vedic Rishis accept the creation of the cosmos from the speech or sound as well as in old Testament. The new Testament (Bible) says - "Before God created the worlds the Verb existed. Before, The Verb was with the God and the Verb was God. God did everything by the Verb. In the Verb is the life & light" (St. John 1.1-5).

The unified field of the sound is the Verb. It is the fourth & fifth state of the vibration is called 'Vagyoga', Shabda Brahma or Kundalini, the sound- God in Indian philosophy. The sound is of six kinds -

1. Gross beaten,
2. Subtle beaten,
3. Unbeaten,
4. Celestial,
5. Superconscious&
6. The greatest superconscious.

No activities can be done without first two sounds, which are dependent on the other four. The subtle sounds or elements beyond the sense & senses are more powerful and cover more area than the gross. The first four sounds merging gradually to there subtle sources beyond 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 senses & mind become more & more powerful excessively closed to the superconsciousness. The Mantra chanted with loud gross sound gets powerful while it is becoming subtle & merged into the unbeaten sound in the heart by meditation. The unbeaten sound merges into the celestial sound in the Manipuraka Chakram, Where are connected 72 thousand nerves to the navel,. The celestial sound goes to it's source superconscious state of Shabda Brahma or Kundalini, Which is the source of all sounds and knowledge. It is explained in Rigveda Samhita that the gross & subtle sounds being purified gradually merge into Shabda Brahma or Kundalini the unified field or the place of eternal source of energy, peace & bliss. It is called Vagyoga.

Through this Sabda Brahma , meditators can go to the Turiyatita
5th level of sound, the greatest superconscious state, salvation. When meditators return back from the Kundalini, having charged their energetic battery, to the gross voice, they become successful to improve their life. The Kundalini new word took place of Vagyoga after 1st Century A.D..

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