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H ere are given a few experiences out of five hundred, as follow :

Giedre Castro Cardso Ilin, A Film Star, Alamedo. Barros, 142, Apto 74, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL. Says : I perceived energy moving in my body and found celestial vibration through Guruji's individual transmitting power . Through Mantra power I enjoyed superconscious bliss & peace.

Rosalind Kerr, B14, 500 Approx, BRITAIN, Says : Really it was wonderful experience in practice of Vagyoga Kundalini Meditation. I felt a sensation in my body and heard celestial vibration. I had profound meditation & found a pyramid of peace over my crown.

Irmagard Haipt, Hospital Service, Zenetti Str. 28, 89415, Lauingen, GERMANY, Says : I had been hopless from my life when I met revered Guruji. I took 90 days course. At the end I was initiated. I had peace in my life by grace of Acharyaji.

Jorge Dauksis, A Yoga Teacher, ARZ Fabian YFUERO, 25-33, 46009 Valencia, SPAIN, Says : Through some special postures and technique of breathings a mystical energy came from below of my body & expanded outward from my head. The left side of my head began to feel like it was glowing the green light. I felt very powerful & calm.

Mali Hofeesh, A film Star, Vilkin 10, Rishon, Vezion, ISRAEL, Says : Some special physical postures helped me in dancing process. Vagyoga Kundalini Meditation filled my life with nector of peace. Guruji's teaching technique uplifts the spiritual level of every disciple.

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