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The Courses of Vagyoga: Kundalini Meditation

1. A special One week camp course intensive (seven hours a day) from 15th of October to 31st of October two courses and others during summer.

2. I week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months & three months courses, daily one lesson to two lessons in winter.

Lodging & boarding facilities are available in the Institute.

The Courses of Vagyoga: Mnemonic Sanskrit

1. Mnemonic Sanskrit Intensive Course; The Vagyoga Chetana Peetham is organising a camp for a six week (seven hours a day) intensive course from 15th of January to 28th of February ; 1st March to 13th of April, and 1st November to 14th of December, thrice a year.

2. Three & six month courses in summer

Six week camp course
The aim of this course is to develop the student's ability to correct their own mistakes as well as write & speak Sanskrit not merely to read the language. The learned Acharya seeks to reveal to his students the wonder of its spiritual power. To this end he lays special stress on the correct intonation of the language by teaching his students the music of the sacred verses of the Indian spirituality & the heights of vision of the truth which is the basis of human being existance and the Reality which is the firm foundation and ultimate source of the entire universe.

The Festivals in Varanasi

During October to 13th of April you will have a chance to visit a few important rituals performed with Mantras and other cultural performances, seminars on Vedic and classical sanskrit chantings & concerts etc.

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