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Greetings beloved one!

I am soooo glad that you have decided to take a visit to my little cove on the far side of the world! Here you can lie back and enjoy the sun and the sounds and smells of the surf and enjoy the quietness of life for a while. I hope you'll enjoy you stay here, for this is my vision of REAL living!

To brief you on a few things that I am interested in, I enjoy and often delve into topics such as: Computer programming, Dolphins (no! not football!), New Age/metaphysical stuffs, Creative writing, and ways in which to assasinate Bill Gates this thing they call "Windows".... *S*

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Under this shady palm tree, the warm breezes stir and I write my art here on paper... Many pieces about myself, my views, and my thoughts lie here...

I have a long lasting relationship with computers... I have played with computers ever since I was 7, and I started on a TRS-80! Those were fun days... My system, and more stuff on computers is in there...

Here I store all of my metaphysical beliefs, and spiritual stuffs. I'm personally very new to this kind of spirituality... Go ahead and take a look look! It's a treat! *Loving Smiles*

Here's a list of different links that I've collected and found to be useful or well worth browsing. I've got them sorted according to what you're looking for...

NEW!! Jason's Photo Album! Please drop on by! :-)

My Job this summer at Kimball Upholstery in Jasper Indiana... (Pictures!)  

There are pairs of footprints in the sands here... (the sand was created sometime around the September of `98)

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