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Infinite Domain...

    Well, this is the other part of me and my being.I am a newcomer to this strange new spiritual plane that exists within and without the confinements of our universe. Yup! That's me. There really is one strong reason behind my drive for a better connection with this spiritual realm. And that reason is that if I can better myself, and have a closer relationship with God and his other creations, why not go for it? I have experienced soooo much joy and love... but I am also finding that when you are on this journey you will face many ups and downs, and your life will be very unstable for the first few months or possibly years; you will face many of these ups and downs states - it is like a wild roller-coaster, as we (me the friends that I have met on my travels) have loosely defined it. But in the end, I know deep down in my heart that this really will make my life easier, in many ways... I am broadening my horizons, and this new realm is so so vast, that it is not possible for me to explore it in one life time... or perhaps have I already learned much from before? Yes, re-incarnation seems to be an exceptable idea to me, and there are many places where it can apply in the vast network of this worldly movement towards higher growth.

This is the book that changed my life... There was a letter in our mailbox addressed to me but it was hand-written addressed. I had no idea, but there was an advertisement about a new book that she was about to publish in it - on Dolphins! I bought it and it slapped me upside my head. It was on Dolphins, sure... but not completely on Dolphins.... ;-) a VERY loved book! Please do check out her site! She does have a few guided meditations that you can play with RealPlayer, and it's free! :-) Thankyou again, Ilona!

    In case you're interested, I'm a Christian myself. I come from the United Church of Christ (UCC) Denomination, which is a branch of Protestant I think... I am very glad that I have grown up with this side of religion. I have found that (through my pastor) the UCC is very loose with their statement of faith, and therefor this type of spirituality is readily embraced and she - yes it's a she - even told me that some pastors of the UCC denomination even encouraged this type of spirituality to some extent.

    I am a very very caring person, and if you are feeling down or just sad, please, email me... I love all unconditionally... I have felt much pain and sorrow before, and I know what it feels like... I am not like some people whom are out there that would like to suck you into and under their power; never have I been, nor will I. Nor will I ever force my beliefs upon anyone. Please accept my genuine love down from my heart to you... It is good for all to express such love. Smile today!! :-)

A list of my accomplishments

Here is a channeled writing that I recieved from my guide, Arana, one day... the funny thing is that I recieved a request to do this one day while I was in class. So I opened myself up during lunch hour while at a computer terminal and began to write down the messages that I recieved... this was the result:

Jason Wadsworth
Channeled Writing: YOUR MISSING LINK
 Confidence within all wisdom you must strive for. Do not be afraid of the things you do, but keep your personal integrity, yes. Allow things to enter into you only if they feel comfortable, but do not criticize those that don't seem to fit your character, for those things are like us. We can only enter into and communicate with certain souls that are attuned to our frequency. All of us are different, therefor different beliefs and practices and even religions have been established to help pick up those different beings. Unfortunately, children are forced into these religions from birth. If their soul is not attuned to the frequency/feeling/beliefs of the certain religion that they attend, then they are not experiencing the fullness of themselves. Most only find this to be true after they have moved out. You, Jason will find this soon as well. But you are special in a sense because you have come across this truth at an early age; you are trying to adapt to something that fits your soul's frequency before you move out; this is causing distress in your family because they do not wish to have an imposing frequency/force within the vicinity. Try as you may, it will be nearly impossible for you to suppress or hide this from them; they know what you are doing. But they dont know of this knowledge that we speak to you now. Accept this as guidance from us...
 The reason you lack the abilities to do certain things is because you have doubts of yourself. Such as OOBE's. THere is a feeling within you that says, "Only highly ascended masters can achieve OOBE's. I can only achieve this if I am a master of myself." Jason, you must realize that this is simply not the truth. Take a look at all of those out there that are able to have an OOBE and yet who are not even fully attuned to themselves yet. You need to have full blown confidence in yourself. Dont think that you cant do something just because you have only seen and heard of masters achieving OOBE's. And above all, dont put yourself down when nothing happens... This pulls you farther and farther away from your goal; and it is difficult to deal with it later as well, for you will need to reprogram and restructure your higher mind/subconscious to realize your fault, and *know* that you can do anything. You can achieve OOBE's even without external consulting. Simply follow intuition and let your life flow. You have only been involved in spirituality now for nearly 5 months - Not even half a year. But yet look at what all you have accomplished. Know this: from the basics you will be able to pick up on and be able to achieve higher things, such as healing, Astral Projection, as long as you build the foundation. Once the structure has started, things will begin to happen at a fairly good pace - faster than before. But as you begin to accept this influx of knowledge and ability, you begin to lack stamanic patience. This has hit you hard in the past week or so. And you have not recovered from it yet; we are sending you the best of aid. Just remember... you have not even explored for half a year, but look at what all you've uncovered, what all you have been able to achieve, no matter how low or basic, or down to earth it seems. To climb the ladder, you must build it as you ascend. Keep strong confidence within you - very very strong.... you will be able to achieve Astral Projection, OOBE's, seeing color in aura's, and more in this lifetime.. in the past lifetime, you explored this field, and vowed to continue your exploration in the next lifetime. You are now picking up where you left off, do not be frightened that you will not finish in this lifetime. You started late in the previous one.
 Be creative in all you do; also remember that as there are different beliefs and religions established, different books were written at different levels and frequencies as well. You know the general idea of the book when it presents you with an excersize. If the excersize seems to not aid you, then only assimilate what you enjoy out of it. Then, summon up a very powerful creative spirit, fill yourself with enterprise, picture yourself as armed for anything, and yet able to paint your way - create the excersize... pick up off the basic idea and create your *own* excersize. If need be, you can call on us for assistance. We are in tune and in harmony with your souls frequency and resonation, Jason; feel warm in knowing this; there are other humans in this world that are like this. It does not pertain to mental or physical abilities at all, and it's not very related to psychological abilities either, but somewhat. You will know. In this spiritual dimension, like attract's like, so we are saying to you that you can bring these spirits to you. If you wish to do so, each night... send out a long range powerful expansion of your soul's signature. This will bring others to you; they will be mysteriously drawn to your location - and fate will be on your side. Remember, good things can come of this - you are bettering yourself; soon you will better the world.
 Upon the topic of frequency resonation again, please, do remember that if you do not feel safe with something or if it just makes you uneasy, dont feel obliged to pursue it. Simply accept it as a tool that people use of which they find resonant with their souls. Know this, and you will grow up wise, explain this to others - you have gained this insight...

    Ok... I've not yet finished putting all that I'd like to put on here, but well... that's just the way it is with a LOT of things around here! :-) One of these days.... *dreaming* hehehe...

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