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Jason's Cave

Welcome to my cave! This is where I do most of my computer and technical work. In here I have my Pentium running at 200 Mhz. Yeah, I finally had to sell my 486 *sniff* The -ONLY- reason I bought this Pentium board is because I knew that I'd need it for college... and that's just around the corner for me. My system aint top notch, but it isn't near as messy as I've seen... I keep this sucker in tune. I do a doctors check on it at least once a month, and everynow and then, I like to optimise it for memory and speed... Yes, I've got it trimmed with DOS 6.20, only because I think that Windows was sloppily coded and thrown together. Did you know that Mr. Bill actually copied the "Windows" concept off of a fellow computer pioneer? And then he threw it all together in this hippopotamic structure that might be considered "code." Ah well... I gripe a lot too, you can now attest to that. :-

I've quite a few books on computers and programming; some of which make sense, and some of which dont; and PAPERS.... I have a TON of crappy old papers and notes that range from 2 days to 5 years old...(Computer notes of course) I built this monster of a system back 4 years ago... all with my own money... put it all together too - sound card, Mid-tower casing, motherboard... everything. I also got a 24-pin matrix printer that comes in handy often.

Programming Rulz!

Yes, well as I was saying, I do enjoy programming my machine. A quote that I've constructed:

Programming is like using logic to create art. - Jason

I'm very fluent in BASIC; I know a little, and am currently learning C/C++ (feel free to tell me about any cool beginners C/C++ programming sites!); I know a tiny bit of Pascal, and I little bit of Assembly. Not much, eh? Oh well. Like I said, It's a form of art, and I've been babied with BASIC for too long...? I'm only 18.

My finished projects include:


Which is exactly what it sounds like. An all purpose drawing program using Mode 13. I've used this countless times when making my games... I like writing things in my own format instead of trying to learn new ones and having to adapt; sorry, I couldn't do anything else for the past 2 years of my life. :-)


A graphical interface to creating tiled maps of 15 X 15 pixels in mode 13; it's purpose is in the next project.


Well, I've had to drop FORMAT13 for a while... probably for good. *sniff* It was a wonderful project; it was _very_ flexable, and I made it an easy game to hack. With this game, you coulda made entire games.. everything... nearly everything on it was changable... Well, to make it simple it was a RPG where you had an inventory, you occasioanally ran into badguys, it had 256 colors to it (used Mode13) and I used CDraw to interface to all the graphics and MaP13 to create the game's different maps. If you're interested, goto FORMAT13's section.

Misc. Screen savers

MCSQ - 2 quadrilaterals boucing around the screen fading the colors of blue, red, and green BOING - A cheesy little program I made years ago that had circles, triangles, or squares bouncing on each side of the screen with a gravity like effect, with a few other added gimmicks. OTHERS - Ones that are too old and stupid to remember.


One of the first games I ever made; I think it was three years ago; it's exactly what it's called. Not very flexible, and very simple and straightforward. I kinda liked it; still kinda do.


Yeah, I'm one of those old guyz that can't seem to give up tradition, although I have right and just cause for my position! (That is, in MY opinion...) I never did like Windows very much. Yes it may have a very nice graphical interface, and yes it may be simple (sometimes), but It's too slow, and it acts like it's God, and tries to take over ALL of your system's resources. It's also been known to take a few whacks at them at times too. Windows 95 is even more so; this is why I'm going to try to stay as far away as I possibly can from it for now. DOS is much more effecient and clean; and _no_ you don't have to type through all of your commands; there are hundreds of menu systems out there that work perfectly well, if you don't like using the keyboard that much. Also, though this is on more of a personal note, I feel that Windows takes away the challenge and the hobby-like feel that computers used to be. I don't know... Oh well, this is probably boring you anyways.


What in the world is Linux? OS/2? Unix? See?! I've been cooped up in my parents little hole now for so long, that I am unfamiliar with all of these and more! Oh well. I'm always open to new OS's, with the exceptions of ones from Microsoft. I have no idea what Delphi, or Fortran, or Cobol or any of those biggies look like. If ya got any usefull pointers, feel free to let me know via E-mail.


I am extremely devoted to the sound system on my baby. I'm only in my high school choir and other related extracuriccular activities because I love certain types of music; in fact I like almost all choral music. I have a Sound Blaster 32 PNP on board, with two 200 Watt speakers to animate it with. Yeah, I know about the AWE64 Gold, and one of these days, I promise you, I'm gonna get it! I'd also like to get some 300 or 500 Watt speakers that I saw at a computer shop... Generally I listen to Classical Rock; bands like Pink Floyd (the BEST), Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), and all of those other bands from the 60's and 70's. I'll listen to just about anything except for Country.
By the way, I've found that the products from Creative Labs are the most solidly reliable, and the highest quality sound cards around! You guyz are the best!

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