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Here is the story of my sweetest cat:
Agatha is the name of my sweet, beautiful polydactyl cat. I adopted her as a 1 1/2 year old from a shelter. She was in a cage, mewing and waving her mitten paws around miserably. She was almost starved to death by her previous owner, so she was really skinny, weighing only 4.5 lbs. Now she weighs 7 lbs. Because she is such a wonderful cat, I like to encourage everyone who wants a cat or dog to adopt an adult pet from a shelter—adult pets are great. Although I did not know Agatha when she was a kitten, I still feel that I am her "mommy." She is very affectionate, and is kitten-like when she plays.

Shelter Info
Here's a great place to look for adoptable cats, dogs and other creatures at shelters close to your home: You can view pictures of the cats, and learn about their personalities. For some people, it is hard to go to shelters because they are depressing. This way, you can look in the comfort of your home, and you only need to go to the shelter once you've seen a cat that looks like a good match for you.

Below is a Random Featured Pet Link from shelters all over the US.

This is a picture of Agatha when I first brought her home from the shelter. She was so thin, I was worried about her. See her little mitten paws? In this picture, she was learning how to use the Scratching Wall. She is very enthusiastic about scratching it. While she is scratching, she turns her head around to make certain I am watching so I can say, "Good Agatha!"

Agatha Kitty

Here is Agatha a few months later. See her little black dot on her forehead? She also has black spots on her tail. Otherwise, she is all white.


Agatha Kitty

And here is Agatha now. She still has a slender build, but as you can see she's a lot more filled out than when I first adopted her. In this picture you can really see how pretty her eyes are.