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Mr. Shat

Hi, I am Mr. Shat and I like to bite. (In the top picture, I'm the one on the left; Agatha is the mittened cat on the right.)

I am an orphan; my brother and me were found under a trailor, with no mommy in sight. I was bottle-fed, and even though I am six years old, I still suckle. My mother is conducting research to find out what causes cats to suckle throughout their lives and how to, perhaps, prevent it.

I am very intelligent. When there is a mouse in the house, I save one piece of my cat food from my dinner. Then I take it over to the mouse hole and drop it there. I sit and wait for the mouse to come out. He doesn't ever make it back to his hole. (I can't leave bait out anymore, stupid Dinky runs over and eats it.)