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MegnKates Place/Cloth Diapering Tips

Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

Cloth Diapering Pages

Different Types Of Diapers
Diaper Brands And Links To Patterns (pics)
Diaper Covers (pics)
Types of Folds (For Flat And Prefold Diapers) pics
Laundering Cloth Diapers
How To Make A Diaper Cake (Great Gift Idea!) pics
Diapering Resources/Links
General Diapering Info (Diaper Abbreviations Can Be Found Here!)
Links To Cloth Menstrual Pad Info and Products
Cloth Diapering and Menstrual Products Made By Moms

MegnKatesplace was created from the wonderful information gathered from other cloth diapering moms (most everything I've learned about cloth diapers, I've learned from other cloth diapering moms!) and from my own experience cloth diapering my children. It is my hope that this page may in some way help encourage or answer questions for anyone who is interested in cloth diapering their children.
This site is always being updated, as I learn something new everyday! :)
Thanks for stopping by!! ~Shel

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