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General Diapering Information

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Diaper Lingo Abbreviations

Here are some of the more common abbreviations:

DSQ: Diaper Service Quality (usually in reference to prefold diapers)
AIO: All-In-One (a diaper that has the waterproof cover attached; most like a "disposable" diaper)
ME or M-E: Mother-Ease (a diaper company/brand)
Pop: Popolino/one-size diaper (made by ME)
Sandy: Sandy/two-size/three-size diaper (also made by ME)
Dipe: short for Diaper
dd: disposable diaper (not to be confused with DD: Darling Daughter)
A&H: Arm & Hammer (brand of detergent and washing soda)
Dr. B's: Doctor Bronner's Castille Soap
NB: new born

Here are some more general abbreviations you might see:

nak: nursing at keyboard
LOL: laughing out loud
Bf: breast-fed or breast-feeding
BB: bulletin board

And here are some links to abbreviation sites: