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Diaper Folds for Prefold and Flat Diapers

Folds Included Here

I used my daughter's favorite baby doll to illustrate these folds. The doll is just about as big as a newborn is. The diapers used for these folds are a 4x6x4 regular sized prefold, and an old Curity Stretch flat diaper.

When putting any diaper on a baby, remember to tuck *all* of the diaper into the cover to prevent leaks and wicking.

Experiment with these folds to add the extra layers of fabric where your baby needs it most (up front for boys and in the back for girls).

(My Favorite) Basic Fold

Left photo: Lay the diaper on the cover, matching up the top edge of the diaper with the waistband of the cover.

Right photo: Fold up the bottom of the diaper so it is just a bit shorter than the bottom edge of the cover.

Left photo: Put Baby on the diaper with the waist of the cover lined up with Baby's waist.

Right photo: Fold the sides of the diaper in, so that the bottom of the diaper is in thirds. (Take the left bottom corner, and bring it slightly over the center mark of the bottom edge. Then bring the right side over, overlapping the left side.) This creates a lot of thickness up front, and forms a "poop pocket" that helps prevent poops from getting onto the cover.

Left photo: Bring up the diaper and cover and secure with the velcro tabs. You're done!

Right photo: Or, if you prefer to pin (I do), bring up the front of the diaper between baby's legs. Bring the back corners of the diaper around the waist until they overlap the front of the diaper, one side at a time. This may take a little adjusting. You can fan the front of the diaper out a little if you need to. Secure the diaper with pins, with the head of the pin pointing out away from Baby. Then put the cover on over the diaper.

In Thirds

Left photo: Lay the diaper sideways

Right photo: Bring in the left side...

Left photo: ...and bring in the right side, to fold the diaper in thirds.

Right photo: Lay the diaper in the wrap.

Left photo: Put Baby on the diaper, and adjust the lenth of the diaper so it fits into the wrap well. (I just folded it under a little bit)

Right photo: Bring the diaper and wrap up, and secure with velcro tabs. Easy!

Oragami Fold

I learned this fold from the INSEVIMSE folding site, and one other (too graphic to list here) site. Any credit for these photos is due to them. Any confusion you can blame on me! Check out the INSEVIMSE Oragami folding instructions- link at bottom of page.

Left photo: Lay a Flat diaper out

Right photo: Bring the bottom up so it's folded in half

Left photo: Bring the left side over

Right photo: Pull the top right corner (the part that is slightly folded down in the left photo)to the left until it forms a triangle on top of a rectangle. This may take some adjusting, but it's not as hard to do as it looks.

Left photo: Flip the whole thing over

Right photo: Start folding up the bottom part towards the center of the triangle

Left photo: The triangle now has a pad of fabric down the center

Right photo: The diaper is ready to have Baby put on it

Left photo: Fold up the front of the diaper

Right photo: Fold in the sides and pin. (then put on a cover) and you're done!

Twist Fold

Left photo: Lay diaper sideways

Right photo: Twist as shown by grasping both sides of the diaper at the same time, left hand palm up, right hand palm down (opposite if you're left handed). Twist. It should now look something like the photo.

Left photo: Lay twisted diaper down vertically and put Baby on it.

Right photo: Fold up between legs and pin at sides. Put on a cover, and that's all there is to it!

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