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Diaper Brands And Links To Patterns

This is a sample of some of the popular brands of diapers available today. I will be adding photos of more brands as I can afford to buy them- just because a diaper isn't shown here doesn't mean it isn't a good or "popular" one. It just means I don't have them all. :) I'm working on it! LOL! Also, check out Diapering Products Made By Moms which are shown on their own page. Links to diaper and cover patterns are near the bottom of the page.

Fitted Diapers: Above we have (from left to right)a Lottie, an ATD (All Together Diaper, fitted) and a Cotton Baby. The photo on the right shows a Cotton Baby unfolded so you can see how the panels are attached.

Prefolds: Above are three types (Toddler 4x8x4, Regular 4x8x4, Regular 4x6x4)of Proservice Prefolds.

All-In-Ones: Above are (L-R) Bumkins, ATD deluxe, M-E, and Kushies/Kooshies

Mother-Ease (M-E, ME) Brand: Above are (L-R) Popolino (a.k.a. One Size/Most Popular/Pop), Sandy (a.k.a. Two Size or Three Size), and a M-E AIO. The photo on the right is a Pop: unfolded with liner attached, folded on largest setting, and folded on smallest setting.

Discontinued: These diapers (and cover) are discontinued brands you may find in an auction or second hand. They are (L-R)a Bouy AIO, a Dimples AIO and, on the bottom, a Kangawrap (snap wrap).

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