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  4 turner children I was born on August 27, 1924, in a log cabin in McCartney, WI. My parents had four children total. My sister Etola came first, then Donnie, me, and Doris -- the youngest.

My father was Glen Turner and mother was Bena Leora (Hurst) Turner. My grandparents on my motherís side were Bernhard Benjamin Hurst and Edith Leora (Reed) Hurst. My grandparents on fatherís side were George Turner and Elizabeth (Roschi) Turner. Grandfather Hurst was born in Germany, fought in the Civil War, and was an aid of General Ulysses S. Grant. Grandfather Turner and my grandmothers were born in the United States.

Most of my childhood occurred on a 40 acre farm in Burton, WI, where our family "share cropped" through my teen years. I attended a small country school in Burton which taught first through eighth grade and had approximately 30 to 40 students total.

As I approached my late teens, World War II broke out. I joined the Army Air Corps and served as an airial gunner on B-24 aircraft in Europe. After the war, I flew many missions on a B-29 aircraft. I served in the air force for 26 years and retired as a Chief Master Sergeant.

Harlie, Colleen and children I married Colleen Dolphin and have two children, (Sue Ann and Dennis Dale). I also have five grandsons and eight great grandchildren currently.

After I retired from the service, I settled down in Dubuque, Iowa. Once in Dubuque, I was hired as a foreman at the Dubuque Packing Plant.

After retirement from the Dubuque Packing Plant, I remained in Dubuque where I have enjoyed being with my family, fishing and hunting, playing cards, and a good cold beer from time to time.

I still live in Dubuque and spend time with my kids, grandsons and friends from time to time.


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