Last Updated: 05/08/04
Genealogy Biography
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Welcome to the Genealogy Biography Page!
This page consists of stories and biographies of our ancestors,
some of which have been passed down through the generations.

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Tree Urias Reed Story
This web page contains a few facts about what I currently know of the life of Urias Reed which have been compiled into one document. This page also talks about his two wives: Cordelia Potter and Samantha Brookens. It also gives a brief background on his Civil War enlistment.

Tree Bernard Hurst
A story passed down through the generations about H.G. Turner's grandfather - Bernard Hurst.

Adam Roschi and Elizabeth Nichols
A story regarding details of Adam Roschi and Elizabeth Nichols/Nickles, both great grandparents of Harlyn Turner.

Tree My Civil War Grandfathers
Two of my G.G. Grandfathers - John Dolphin and Bernhard Hurst, and two G.G.G. Grandfathers - Urias Reed and Madison Turner served in the civil war. This site gives a brief description of their roles during the civil war years.

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