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News Articles
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Welcome to the News Articles Page!
This page consists of News articles which have appeared
in various news publications over the years.
Many are related to the Military Experiences of H.G.Turner,
while some are featured stories about other family members.

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Family Member News Articles

Paper Hempstead finishes 3rd in Iowa State Debate tournament
Telegraph Herald Article running on Jan 11,2018, where Bryan Keck & teammate Blake Hohmann finish in quarter final round. Although thought to be tie for 3rd, since other 3 teams all from Roosevelt, they were all co-champs. Best finish for Hempstead in at least 12 years at State tournament.
Article ran 01/11/18

Paper Roosevelt 8th-grader digs into spellers' tool chest to win TH bee
Telegraph Herald Article running March of 2017, where Haebin Han an 8th grader won the regional spelling bee. Bryan Keck spoke to spellers prior to spelling bee.
Article ran 3/5/17

Paper Local champ from Dubuque eliminated from national spelling bee
Bryan Keck, the 2015 and 2016 Spelling bee champ falls short at Scripps National Spelling Bee.
Article ran 5/26/16

Paper Local champ from Dubuque heads to national spelling bee
Bryan Keck, the 2015 and 2016 Spelling bee champ set to return to the 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee..
Article ran 05/24/16

Paper Honey of a bee: Keck outlasts 2 Roosevelt classmates in spelling title repeat
Bryan Keck outlasts Roosevelt classmates to repeat as regional champ.
Article ran 03/06/16

Paper Lessons learned from a shady idea
Telegraph Herald Article contributed by Bryan Keck talking about his experience with YEA (Young entrepreneurs academy).
Article ran 09/10/15

Paper Local speller a true bee-liever
Roosevelt 7th-grader will begin putting his skills to the test today at Scripps National contest near Washington, D.C.
Article ran 05/26/15

Paper Dubuque 7th-grader's invention sounds like success
He starts a business with his idea -- a combination of sunglasses and Bluetooth-enabled earbuds. He also is the runner-up at a regional contest.
Article ran 05/14/15

Paper Young tri-state entrepreneurs pitch ideas, fish for capital
Telegraph Herald Article running on March 26, 2015 where Bryan Keck wins trip to New York to represent Dubuque in Young entrepreneurs regional competition.
Article ran 03/26/15

Paper A Bee to See
Telegraph Herald Article running on March 8, 2015 featuring Bryan Keck winning the 2015 TH Regional Spelling Bee.
Article ran 03/10/15

Paper Spelling Fans - We have a Winner
Telegraph Herald Article followup article on March 10, 2015 about Bryan Keck and his win at the 2015 TH Regional Spelling Bee.
Article ran 03/08/15

Paper They Operate with Compassion
Telegraph Herald Article featuring Sue Keck and her job duties as a registered nurse at Finley Hospital.
Article ran 04/09/00.

Paper Cassville Family Celebrates Mother's Day X 5
Telegraph Herald Article featuring Bena Turner and 5 generations that follow for a special mother's day story.
Article ran 05/12/96.

Paper Dubuquer return to island provides 'chief' thrills
Fais: Natives honor Turner, grandson as visiting dignitaries.
Article ran on 04/01/2002

Paper Dubuquer prepares to return to 1948 landing site
Two Dubuque men prepare for trip to Fais Island. Harlyn Turner after nearly 54 years will return to Fais Island with his grandson after an invitation from an ex-resident.
Article ran on 01/26/2002

Military News Articles
Paper WWII Gunners took real 'flack'
Two Dubuque men who survived their service in the Eighth Air Force can vividly recall their experiences more than five decades later.
Article ran on 10/10/1999.

Plane Spared WWII Gunner
Harlyn Turner of Dubuque, a gunner in the Air Force on the B-24 Liberator and B-29 Superfortress bombers during and after World War II talks about experiences.
Article ran on 07/29/1997

Paper Ditched Plane Crew Safe/Sound
Harlyn Turner recalls ditching of his B-29 Superfortress by Fais Island back on Nov 12, 1948.
Article ran on 12/02/1948

Paper Dubuquer Teaches Tricks
Harlyn describes what is like being a gunner, and tricks he learned in combat.
Article ran in 1944

Paper Air Force Accident Report
The B29 Ditching near Fais Island in 1948 resulted in a 76 page accident report. This web site has the actual statements of each crewman and the official description of the accident. The accident occurred on November 12, 1948, with the rescue following day on November 13, 1948

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