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Welcome to the Fais Island Adventure Page.

fais island This page shares stories involving my Grandfather, Harlie Turner and his involvement with a small island in the south pacific named Fais Island.

His association with Fais Island started in 1948 when his B-29 aircraft went down next to the small atoll.

He and his crew spent two days on Fais before being rescued, but Harlyn made a connection to the island and its people that he would never forget.

In 2002, after nearly 54 years, Harlyn returned to the island he once briefly called home and renewed friendships while establishing new ones.

The people of Fais Island held an emotional ceremony conferring Fais citizenship and chiefly title upon my grandfather as well as a full day of other festivities in his honor.

Fais is an enchanting island which is home to warm and friendly people and has provided lasting memories for my grandfather.

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