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October 11th 1999

Sephiroth: Lex has added several midis to her Inspirational Midis section, a few pictures to the IF Art section, and has put up a Punk and Ska section.

Seifer: Ooh! I know which midis those are! They're from Final Fantasy 8!

Sephiroth: Ahem. Do YOU want to run these updates?

Seifer: *ponders for a moment* What do I get out of it?

Sephiroth: More responsibility.

Seifer: No thanks.

Sephiroth: Then remain silent.

September 28th 1999

Sephiroth: Lex has been rather busy with her miniature harem *grins, then glowers* but has written a senseless babbling for Megan and Tomas' birthdays.

Lex: Hey! Don't give these people that idea about me!!!! I've been busy with COLLEGE. Read my lips C-O-L-L-E-G-E! NOT the harem!

September 4th 1999

Sephiroth: Lex has added a Legacy Slang section to the Legacy area of this website, and has also put up a section called Space For Rant, which is basically a section for her personal commentary on various issues, not to be mistaken with a ramble, or as she calls it, senseless babbling. She has updated her IF Stuff section as well, since she has joined another IF, titled Centauri Prime, and has added a few pictures to the IF Art section.


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