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Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, the pictures were drawn by me.

Final Fantasy 7 RPG

Elemental Ladies-Fire, Ice, and Earth ready to fight

Embarrassment-Mwahahaha! Poor Zavier Troy!

Ryu and Edana-Cute pic of Seiryu and Edana

Seiryu VS. Edana by Lizz-As the title says

Elements by Lizz-Zozma, Snow, Bree and Edana

Seiryu and Fenrir by Lizz-The water element and his wolf

Zavier and Simoon by Lizz-Brat attack!

FFVII Fanfiction

Make Up Kiss-Major aww factor for all fans of villiany

Ruari-An earlier picture of the little materia thief

Blaze Fyurie-A basic picture of Blaze

FF6 Afterlife

Comfort-Edgar Figaro and Duvessa Shay comfort one another

Violet, Iris and Rose-the three goddesses in human forms

Father & Son Time-Aidan and Devan Shay in a duel

Macavity-The very creepy and evil Macavity

Starwars II

Cousins-Jaelle and Anakin in their disguises

Jaelle Aloysia-the cocky little Dathomiran

Barf-Demetrius' first experience with alcohol

A New Kind of Lesson by Kira-Dem and Jaelle's first kiss


Aisline-the adorable little munchkin

Mother & Daughter-a quick sketch of Edana and Aisline Fyurie

Blood of the Diabolos

Aisline Fyurie-all grown up


Spark-showing off her charming persona

Eclipse-basic headshot of the serious Blitzkrieg leader

Darcy-the Dark Prince

Fianna-basic headshot of Fianna

Renegade-basic portrait

Phantom-a quick pic

Bandit-basic head & shoulders shot

Guardian IF

Reku-The wild and evil Kumi guardian Reku


Edana Fyurie-portrait of the fire Cetra (who I have in 3 IFs ^_^)

Rufus' Assurances-Rufus with his shotgun and Dark Nation

Reno's Hangout-Reno at the bar


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Note: If you want me to put up some of your artwork, email me at and send me either the URL or the picture (if you send the pic, PLEASE cut down the size of it...I don't want to get a file that's 1.5 megs, or somthing...)