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Space For Rant

Note: Do not read any further if you dislike politics, sarcasm, and profanity. The sole purpose of this page is so that I can comment on various issues that concern me one way or another, or just plain bug me, and I want to speak out about them. I would also like people to note that everything written on here is not meant to offend, it's just MY opinion. Just because I despise something doesn't mean I think my opinion is the only acceptable one on the topic. With all of this said, don't say I didn't warn you...

Pika! PikapikapikapikapikaPIKACHU! I absolutely despise that little creature, and pretty much the entire Pokemon series. If you think about it, the show's entire purpose was to promote the game, and to create many, many, MANY merchandising opportunities. And that's inteded to be cute, but I absolutely DESPISE the thing. There is far too much attention devoted to it's way overdone cuteness. Quite frankly, it's not cute. It's damn annoying. The only one Pokemon episode I truly enjoyed was the one where Raichu beat the living crap out of the Pikachu. I was disappointed that he was eventually defeated. Arrgh! Such a tragic ending! And then they had to pretend everything was great and wonderful in the end, having Raichu and Pikachu become friends. Grrr....Raichu should have won and killed Pikachu, in my opinion.

Heh, and for those wondering WHY I wrote this rant, it's because my kid brother ALWAYS watches that show, and has all the toys, the video game, and basically talks about it incessantly. I am SICK of it...especially Pikachu.

Just to ward off Pikachu, and all supporters, and to further establish my point, I have an evil killer Raichu in place ready to go sick at the very mention of the "p" word. GO RAICHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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