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Interactive Fiction Stuff

This section is entirely devoted to some of the various IFs out there, or, more specifically, the IFs that I'm in. I've got an art section with pictures from those IFs, as well as a midi section for some inspirational music. I'll also put up people's fanfiction based on Final Fantasy 7, for an example. I'll also take any anime fanfics, or fanfics based on any other RPG.

If Etiquette (if you've never joined an IF before, read this)

Art (from IFs)


Final Fantasy 7 RPG

FFVII fanfiction (run by me)

FF6 Afterlife

Starwars II

ff7 Starting Anew

Blood of the Diabolos

Legacy (run by me)



If you want to know where you can find even more Interactive Fiction, head over to Tomas' site: The If can find all of these and many more listed on it.


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