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Harry Potter

  • Perfect Circle by arachne
    (NC17) Snape finds memory can play you false.

  • Unicorn by arachne
    (PG13) Quirrell viewed from the outside.

  • Parselblade by John Blonde
    (R) Snape gets his sneer, among other things.



  • A Foreign Country by arachne
    (D/M NC-17) First published in Revelations II, Ashton Press

  • Joie de Vivre by whitecrow
    (D/M NC-17) Methos and Duncan take on the nightlife of, music and just a touch of angst.

  • Light In Your Eyes by arachne
    (NC-17) This story features a Richie/Methos pairing but is actually as much about Methos/Duncan. The events of The Messenger leave Richie and Methos uneasy about themselves and where they stand in relation to Duncan.

  • Not in the Winter by arachne
    (D/M NC-17) So what did happen to Methos' Watcher tattoo... Dark and elegant.

  • Plat du Jour by arachne
    (DM/M/RR/J/A G) In which things are not always what they seem.

  • Small Moments by arachne
    (D/M NC-17) Originally published in Futures Without End II. Love/friendship and a certain amount of brooding.

  • Tant Que Je Vive by Mandragora
    (D/M NC-17) Mandragora's first HL story, but you can't tell. This novella-length exploration of love and its cost is as deep and wide as an Immortal's life.

  • Undercurrent by John Blonde
    (PG) Duncan fields a question from a former lover.

  • Undertow by John Blonde
    (PG) A companion to Undercurrent. Duncan and Methos in a rapprochement of sorts.


Lord of The Rings

  • Choices by arachne
    (R) Short but not sweet....

  • After by arachne
    (R) A sequel to Choices.

  • I Will Follow by arachne
    (R) A vignette. Where might it lead?

  • Cold Comfort by arachne
    (R) Legolas faces up to some painful truths


Star Trek: TOS

  • Silent Companions by whitecrow
    (K/S/M R) Dr McCoy and a companion indulge in a little late-night drowning of sorrows. A prize-winning, excellent work.


Star Trek: Voyager

  • Acts of Kindness by arachne
    (J/P NC-17) Janeway/Paris first-time story.

  • After the Rain by whitecrow
    (C/P NC-17) A sequel to Lyn Bowen's classic Rain Dance.

  • Between Stories by arachne
    (C/P NC-17) The original description, "Tom, Chak and a series of encounters..." does not do this piece justice. Angst, heat, silence.

  • Broken Geodes by John Blonde
    (C/P/T PG) Tom Paris is troubled by his memories of an affair with Chakotay. John's first-ever fanfic, with all the first-ever fanfic flaws. Woven around several episodes in season 4, with plenty of plot.

  • Break Up by arachne
    (Kes PG) Damn, I really miss Kes!

  • Disquiet by John Blonde
    (Tu/P PG) A brief glimpse into Tuvok's mind.

  • Distorted Image by Mandragora (C/P NC-17) Tom is enslaved by an AU Chakotay in this novel-length tale of love and obsession. NB. This story contains scenes of graphic rape and violence, please read the warnings carefully.

  • Fear by whitecrow
    (C/P NC-17) An intense story of love and missed opportunities.

  • Fishing by arachne
    (C/P NC-17) Short, but not at all sweet...

  • Motif by John Blonde
    (C/P/T NC-17) B'Elanna schemes. Smut ensues. A lot of smut.

  • Q, no A by John Blonde
    (PG) Even Q wonders what happened to the Chakotay that beamed onto Voyager's bridge with phaser drawn. Did he really turn into the guy the writers turned him into?

  • The Jump by Mandragora
    (C/P R) A personal challenge leads to a re-evaluation of the past...

  • Presence by John Blonde
    ST:Voy C/P R A novel, hosted on Geocities. Set in a universe where Voyager returns to the alpha quadrant while the war with the Dominion still rages.
    Chakotay never felt comfortable on Deep Space Nine. It was the Cardassian architecture that bothered him, with its asymmetries and dark colors reflecting the predictable unpredictability of the species as a whole. His attitude in the Maquis had been that you never knew precisely what a Cardassian was going to do, but you could be sure you wouldn't like it. No, he did not care for DS9 at all.


  • Rhyme or Reason by John Blonde
    (R) From DC Comic's Hellblazer and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, John Constantine and the vampire Lestat come together for a museum heist at the instigation of an annoying Chaos magician. Rated R for drugs, mild sex, and weirdness.

  • Sense or Season by John Blonde.
    (R) Sense or Season from John Blonde continues the Hellblazer crossover introduced in Rhyme or Reason. As ever, with John the writing is spare, elegant and multi-layered.
  • Truth or Treason by John Blonde.
    (R) Methos ends this series in which Constantine and the annoying Chaos magician take on another Boston museum. There are surprises here, and backstory older than Methos himself.

  • Devil to Pay by John Blonde.
    (NC-17) X-Files crossed with DC Comics' Sandman. What is it about the handsome devil of a piano player that fascinates Mulder so?


  • The Real Thing by John Blonde.
    Xenaverse. NC-17 Written for a zine that was never produced, to have been titled It's Different for Gods. John has trouble with inspiration. Hot Ares sex ensues. Funny, sexy.

    Original Fiction

    • Blood Brothers by John Blonde
      (NC-17) A dark monstrance couched as a vignette.