12th June 2005
John Blonde posts the last of his Hellblazer crossovers with Truth or Treason. "The best of the three," we're told. Methos is at his dissembling best, Constantine is annoyed to learn he's played by Keanu Reeves, and the annoying Chaos demon orchestrates a surprising denoument.

11th May 2004
John Blonde ventures into HP with Parselblade. "This is the Snape we know and love; the Dumbledore we respect, and the Malfoy we delight in sneering over ...." A mean little story, in which Snape acquires his sneer.

14th January 2004
John Blonde's The Real Thing comes to the web. It was written for a zine that was never produced, to have been titled It's Different for Gods. John has trouble with inspiration. Hot Ares sex ensues. Funny, sexy, and as usual, more than the obvious is going on.

20th January 2003
Arachne's Not in the Winter (Highlander) has been revised. New stories by arachne were uploaded. Two are in the Harry Potter fandom - Unicorn and Perfect Circle feature Severus Snape and others.  Four new stories by arachne in the Lord of the Rings fandom - 2 feature Elrond and Cirdan (Choices and After) set when the ring was first taken by Isuldur, and 2 others (Cold Comfort and I Will Follow) set during the Fellowship, feturing Legolas and Gimli.

13th July 2002
John finally posts the novel. It takes place in a world where Voyager returned to the alpha quadrant while the Dominion war still rages. Tom Paris, renegade war hero. Chakotay, battle-scarred captain. Seven of Nine, fledgling spy. John gives us a straight-ahead action story that will keep you reading to find out what happens next! (Rated R, some slash elements, hosted on Geocities.) Presence (ST:VOY) is based upon some fine stories by BratKatze and whitecrow. Look, and you'll find those, too!

8th April 2002
Olivia dips her toe into The Sentinel. Happily, she writes a stand-alone. A post-TSbBS exploration of the mechanics of change, named The Meaning of Motion (TS) is now up on Olivia's page.

8th April 2002
The WIP that time forgot... Chapter 12 of Olivia's A Lonely Death (WIP) is now up on Olivia's page.

20th December 2001
John Blonde's Devil to Pay joins Mandragora's offering to Dance With the Devil in an online appearance. (X-Files/Sandman NC17)

8th September 2001
Finally and deplorably delayed (mea culpa, mea culpa), the quirkily savage And Also With You (Angel) is posted in its entirety, courtesy of Mandragora.

15th July 2001
The behemoth kicks on! Chapter 11 of Olivia's A Lonely Death (WIP) is now up on Olivia's page.

12th July 2001
whitecrow has updated the Recs Page in an ongoing and tasteful attempt to subvert every true fan's spare time. Give in.

10 July 2001
Undertow : (HL: TS) Duncan and Methos en detente, courtesy of John Blonde, who adds to the astringent elegance of Undercurrent in this companion piece.

27th March 2001
Chapter 10 of Olivia's A Lonely Death (WIP) is now up on Olivia's page.

4th December 2000
Andrea has discovered the joys of html programming and put together her own page.
Don't forget to add it to your book marks.

27th November 2000
Olivia Pandoemonium has gained a new author. Olivia writes beautifully dark and twisty stories in the X Files universe, shortly to expand to encompass Immortality and the United Federation of Planets. Highly recommended. We're proud to welcome her amongst the fallen.

20th November 2000 two new stories
Sense or Season by John Blonde. Sense or Season from John Blonde continues the Hellblazer crossover introduced in Rhyme or Reason. As ever, with John the writing is spare, elegant and multi-layered.

Light In Your Eyes by arachne
Light in Your Eyes (HL: TS, R(D)M NC-17) by arachne features a Richie/Methos pairing but is actually as much about Methos/Duncan.
The events of The Messenger leave Richie and Methos uneasy about themselves and where they stand in relation to Duncan.

6 September 2000 Two shorts from John Blonde. Undercurrent (HL:TS PG) is a sharply observed snapshot of the possible relationship between Duncan and Cassandra after Revelations. In Q, no A (ST:Voy PG) Q visits Chakotay and asks just what did happen to the Maquis warrior we all knew and loved.

Plus one from arachne. A Foreign Country (HL:TS D/M NC-17) is now available on site.

23 June 2000 We are all working on stories, honest! Meanwhile new fics from John Blonde (X Files/DC Comics' Sandman) and Mandragora (Angel/Buffy) are available in Dance with the Devil a new zine from Infinity Press. Click the link for ordering info. Here's a couple of excerpts:

Devil to Pay by John Blonde (X Files/DC Comics' Sandman, NC-17)

The melody coming out from the piano is almost familiar. Mulder thinks he should be able to name it, but can't quite catch the tune. When memory finally presetns the cue card he nearly laughs out loud. It is "A Few of MY Favourite Things" twisted around a Bossa Nova beat. He likes the sense of humor, and his interest in the paino player kicks up a notch.

And Also With You by Mandragora (Angel/Buffy, NC-17)

"That's--That's not true." The protest was automatic, falling from numb lips. Angel clasped his hands tight to still their trembling. What was Doyle playing at? No, not Doyle. Because horrible though it was to admit whoever - whatever - had sucked him off earlier it hadn't been Doyle, just like it hadn't been Buffy. Whatever it was that was haunting him, he hadn't thrown it off yet. Not yet. But he would. He would remain calm, he would cope with this, just like he'd dealt with all the other crap that had come his way.

While you're here, don't forget to check out whitecrow's recs pages.

25 February 2000: Added Motif by John Blonde C/P/T NC-17. John originally wrote this as a favour for the gals on SaB - and to prove to that he could write from a woman's pov. Yes it's a smut fest but, as always with John, so much more...

4 December 1999: Updated the links & recs pages. (Thanks whitecrow)

25 November 1999: It's Highlander month! Added whitecrow's first HL fic. Joie de Vivre is a lovely frothy first-time story with just the right amount of underlying angst. Methos takes Duncan for a night on the town in an attempt to cheer him up...

23 November 1999: Added new HL story. Not in the Winter. D/M NC-17. So what did happen to Methos' Watcher tattoo...

8 November 1999: Added a new HL story. Plat du Jour was originally written for a lyric wheel challenge, this version is slightly revamped. Gen but lots of undercurrents.

4 October 1999: Some time at the beginning of this year, Mandragora announced that she was writing 'a small plot what plot' featuring Duncan and Methos. What followed was huge amounts of research and months and months of writing and re-writing. The resulting novel, Tant Que Je Vive is an exploration of love and the cost of love, of Methos' past and the choices love forces people to make. Some PWP! I love this story. It is, quite simply, beautiful.

24 September 1999: You know how it is, you read something and it makes you go...Welcome to our new Rants page. First up is Mandragora's essay on Tom Paris: prison whore.

15 September 1999: Small Moments (D/M NC-17) is now available on line. The link takes you to the opening page of the web edition of Futures Without End II. Any D/M fan should hurry there - without pause - for a stunning selection of stories by some of the best writers in HL. Plus artwork by Killa. Yum.

10 August 1999: Lots of new things here. First off, from Andrea Cough (B7, A/T NC-17) a first-time story in which Tarrant picks up an unwanted souvenir from his encounter with Servalan on Virn. Cough was originally published in Liberator Fantasies. Disquiet (ST:Voy Tu/p PG) by John Blonde is the result of a challenge on the SaB list to write UST. There was some disagreement as to whether the U stood for unresolved or unacknowledged but everyone agreed that ST stood for sexual tension. Mmm - feel the undercurrents. Finally, the Links and Recs pages are up and ...<g> well, at least, crawling. Huge kudos to whitecrow who is putting the whole thing together. If you think we've missed some classics, or you want to be added to the links, then write and let us know.

30 July 1999: Added Blood Brothers by John Blonde. Original fiction, NC-17. "A dark monstrance couched as a vignette," says John. Disturbing, compelling, haunting.

21 July 1999: Added Rhyme or Reason by John Blonde. Clever, elegant, beautifully subversive. Here's John's own description: From DC Comic's 'Hellblazer' and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, John Constantine and the vampire Lestet come together for a museum heist at the instigation of an annoying Chaos magician. Rated R for drugs, mild sex, and weirdness.

14 July 1999: Official site opening.