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  • Acts of Kindness ST: Voy J/P NC-17. Janeway/Paris first-time story.

  • Between Stories ST: VOY C/P NC-17. Tom, Chak and a series of encounters...

  • Fishing ST:Voy C/P NC-17. Short, but not at all sweet...

  • A Foreign Country HL: The Series D/M NC-17. First published in Revelations II, Ashton Press

  • Not in the Winter D/M NC-17. So what did happen to Methos' Watcher tattoo...

  • Plat du Jour HL:The Series DM/M/RR/J/A G. In which things are not always what they seem.

  • Small Moments HL: The Series D/M NC-17. Originally published in Futures Without End II. Love/friendship and a certain amount of brooding.

  • Light In Your Eyes (HL: TS, R(D)M NC-17) features a Richie/Methos pairing but is actually as much about Methos/Duncan.
    The events of The Messenger leave Richie and Methos uneasy about themselves and where they stand in relation to Duncan.
  • Choices (LotR: Elrond/Cirdan R)
    Short but not sweet...
  • After (LotR: Elrond/Cirdan R)
    A sequel to Choices.
  • I Will Follow (LotR: Legolas/Gimli R)
    A vignette. Where might it lead?
  • Cold Comfort (LotR: Legolas/Gimli R)
    Legolas faces up to some painful truths.
  • Perfect Circle (HP: SS/DM (SS(LM)/PP, LM/DM). NC-17)
    Snape finds memory can play you false.
  • Unicorn (HP: SS/Quirrell PG-13)
    Quirrell viewed from the outside.

John Blonde

  • Blood Brothers Original fiction NC-17. A dark monstrance couched as a vignette.

  • Broken Geodes St Voy C/P/T PG. Tom Paris is troubled by his memories of an affair with Chakotay, but are they real? Memory is slippery stuff. John's first-ever fanfic, with the classic first-ever fanfic flaws. Decent plot arc, though.

  • Devil to Pay (X Files/DC Comics' Sandman, NC-17) What is it about the handsome devil playing piano? Mulder finds out more than he wanted to know. Originally found in the Infinity Press zine Dance with the Devil.

  • Disquiet ST:Voy Tu/P PG A brief glimpse into Tuvok's mind.

  • Motif ST:Voy C/P/T NC-17 B'Elanna schemes. Smut ensues. A lot of smut.

  • Parselblade HP SS/LM (sort of) R. This is the Snape we know and love; the Dumbledore we respect, and the Malfoy we delight in sneering over ... A lean story, with a little blood.

  • Presence ST:Voy This novel-length story takes place in a world where Voyager returned to the alpha quadrant while the Dominion war still rages, extended fromsome fine stories by BratKatze and whitecrow. (Look, and you'll find those, too! ) Tom Paris, renegade war hero. Chakotay, battle-scarred captain. Seven of Nine, fledgling spy. John gives us a straight-ahead action story that will keep you reading to find out what happens next! (Rated R, some slash elements, hosted on Geocities.)

  • Q, no A ST:Voy PG Q stops by to rattle Chakotay's cage and find out what happened to the Maquis warrior.

  • Rhyme or Reason From DC Comic's' Hellblazer and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, John Constantine and the vampire Lestat come together for a museum heist at the instigation of an annoying Chaos magician. Rated R for drugs, mild sex, and weirdness.

  • Sense or Season R. Sense or Season from John Blonde continues the Hellblazer crossover introduced in Rhyme or Reason. As ever, with John the writing is spare, elegant and multi-layered.
  • Truth or Treason R. Methos ends this story arc, while John Constantine and the annoying Chaos magician take on another museum. Disturbing violence described in dialogue.
  • Undercurrent HL:TS PG Duncan recieves questions and comfort from a former lover.

  • Undertow HL:TS PG Duncan, Methos, and the history of Shakespeare and Company. Companion to Undercurrent.

  • The Real Thing Xenaverse. NC-17 Written for a zine that was never produced, to have been titled It's Different for Gods. John has trouble with inspiration. Hot Ares sex ensues. Funny, sexy.


  • And Also With You (Angel/Buffy, NC-17) Home is where the heart is... Or is it?

  • Distorted Image ST:Voy C/P NC17. Tom is enslaved by an AU Chakotay in this novel-length tale of love and obsession. NB. This story contains graphic scenes of rape and violence, please read the warnings.

  • The Jump St:Voy C/P R. A personal challenge leads to a re-evaluation of the past for Tom and Chak...

  • Tant Que Je Vive HL: The Series (D/M NC-17) Mandragora's first HL story, and one of her best stories ever. More than just an exploration of love and its cost, but that, too.


  • After the Rain ST: Voy C/P NC-17. A sequel to Laura Bowen's classic story Rain Dance.

  • Fear ST: Voy C/P NC-17 An intense story of love and missed opportunities.

  • Silent Companions ST:TOS K/S/Mc Dr McCoy and a companion indulge in a little late-night drowning of sorrows. This story is a classic. Understated and beautifully realized.

  • Joie de Vivre HL:The Series (D/M NC-17) Methos and Duncan take on the nightlife of, music and just a touch of angst.