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Captain Mick's Vessel,
for Guided Fishing Trips
or Eco Tours

The 2019 21' Mako LTS is a state-of-the-art fishing machine!"

This vessel is stable,
spacious and handicap accessible!

The Captain guides from a spacious and stable 21' Mako LTS that handles up to 7 people. It features a massive casting platform at the bow as well as port and starboard casting platforms at the stern. It's powered by a quiet emission-free Mercury 150 horsepower four stroke engine. It's equipped with two 10' Minn Kota Talons, a stealthy high tech 80 pound thrust bow mounted Minn Kota IPilot trolling motor. The Minn Kota features built in GPS, wireless remote, an anchor lock system, and tracking memory for total boat control! All top quality fishing rods, reels and tackle are provided. The vessel is complete with a livewell, two coolers, and an optional canopy that can be set up if needed, for shelter from rain, and shade from the hot Florida sun. The canopy is an added feature that bass boats do not offer.

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