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Florida Bass Gallery

The robust and powerful Florida strain bass, with some specs, peacocks and sunshine bass mixed in...

JayGreg and Jay


JayNice pairIvan

Brett and Mick 1/14/17

Brett and Mick 1/16/17

Capt Mick and BrettBrett 1/7/17

Brett 12/31/16Brett 1/15/17

Brett 1/13/17Brett and Mick 1/8/17

Larry and Raven 1/1/17

Raven 1/4/17Al and Gary 1/19/17

Owen 3/21/16Owen and Justin 3/21/16

Capt MickChris 3/3/16

Chris 3/3/16

Pete 2/23/16Pete 2/23/16

Marshall 12/10/16

Capt Mick 12/10/16Dan 12/16/16

Mario 12/15/16Ruth 12/13/16

Capt MickPete 2/23/16

Marty 2/20/16Mike 2/20/16

Jeff 2/20/16Jeff 2/20/16

Mike 2/19/16Mike Marty Jeff 2/19/16

Rose 2/18/16Mike 2/17/16

Mike 2/17/16Mike 2/17/16

Mike 2/17/16Harper 2/16/16

Harper 2/16/16Holly 2/16/16

Andy and TC 2/15/16Heather 2/14/16

Heather 2/14/16Heather 2/14/16

Karen 2/3/16Tony 2/3/16

Karen 2/2/16Karen 2/1/16

Tony 2/1/16Roger 1/21/16

Capt MickRyan 1/16/16

Roger 1/21/16Ryan 1/16/16

Roger 1/26/16Ryan 1/16/16

Dave 1/26/16Ryan 1/16/16

Dan 1/23/16Dan 1/4/16

Capt MickDan 1/7/16

Scott 1/7/16Mick 1/5/16

Jim 12/13/15Mick 12/15/15

Bob 12/22/15Mike 12/4/15

Mike 12/4/15Dan 11/30/15

Wayne 12/2/15Captain Mick 12/1/15

Sally 2/11/15Charlie 2/12/15

Gerry 2/27/15Bob 2/20/15

Jim 2/23/15Jed 2/23/15

Jim 2/26/15Mick 2/20/15

Dave 2/6/15Elliot 1/18/15

Shay 12/21/14Wayne 1/2/15

Ryan 1/12/15Ryan 1/12/15

Brett 1/14/15Brett 1/15/15

Bill 12/31/14Brett 1/12/15

Captain Mick 12/14/14Captain Mick 1/13/15

Wayne 12/5/14

Seth 3/1/14Mick 3/7/14

Don 3/11/14Dan 3/9/14

Arlen 2/28/14Andrew 2/28/14

Ryan 2/21/14Zach 2/21/14

Ryan 2/25/14Dan 2/16/14

Zach 2/21/14Ryan 2/24/14

John 2/12/14Mick 2/3/14

Dan 2/2/14Wayne 2/3/14

Jacqui 12/16/13Ed

Jim 1/21/14Tony 1/22/14

RogerWill 12/21/13

9.75 pounds!Okee Bass

Harris Chain BassHog!

JohnFlorida Strain Bass

Mick 12/31/13Scott

Mick 12/26/13Russ

AndrewJacqui 12/23/13

Biggin!Eustis Sunshine Bass


Jacqui 12/21/13Will



Lake Griffin BassJim (sunshine bass)

Mick 12/21/13Crystal

Jacqui 12/19/13Bill

Dan 1/21/15Roger 2/2/15

three Harris Chain bassHarris Chain bass!

Florida bass fishing.Largemouth bass.

Bass excitement.Trophy bass!three Harris Chain bassHarris Chain bass!

Florida bass fishing.Largemouth bass.

Bass excitement.Trophy bass!Nice pair!

Solid!.Good fishing.

This is just a sampling of the largemouth bass we have caught recently.
Mick guides fishermen of all experience levels, from novice to expert, to some of the best haunts on Central Florida lakes.
Book a trip with Captain Mick, he'll show you how and where to put biggins in the boat!

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