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Captain Mick's
Harris Chain Fishing Reports

Captain Mick guides in Florida from early November through early April!

A few of our best from 2018-2019

three Harris Chain bassHarris Chain bass!

Florida bass fishing.Largemouth bass.

Bass excitement.Trophy bass!Nice pair!

Solid!.Good fishing.Dannie

Beautiful fish.Awesome fish!

Green bassHarris Chain fishing

Wow!.Florida bass.

Beautiful fish.Awesome fish!

BrusiersBig guy!

Harris Chain hog

Pictures below include trips with Missouri Senator Jay Wasson,
NFL, NY Giant veteran Gary Inskeep,
NFL Pittsburgh Steelers veteran Weegie Thompson and
Bassmaster pro Brett Carnright!

Senator Jay Wasson.Four Harris Chain bass

Florida bass fishing.Largemouth bass.

Jay Wasson, anglerTrophy bassFlorida strain bass

Brett Carnright and Captain Mick.NFL veteran Weegie Thompson fishing with his friend Mike.

Good fishing.

Two beautiful fish.Brett's fish

Raven's bassAl and Gary Inskeep

Marshall 12/10/16

Capt Mick 12/10/16Dan 12/16/16

Mario 12/15/16Ruth 12/13/16

The fish above were caught and released on trips in December, 2016.

Owen 3/21/16Owen and Justin 3/21/16

Capt MickChris 3/3/16

Chris 3/3/16

The bass above were caught and released on Mick's last two trips in March, 2016.

Pete 2/23/16Pete 2/23/16

Capt MickPete 2/23/16

Marty 2/20/16Mike 2/20/16

Jeff 2/20/16Jeff 2/20/16

Mike 2/19/16Mike Marty Jeff 2/19/16

Rose 2/18/16Mike 2/17/16

Mike 2/17/16Mike 2/17/16

Mike 2/17/16Harper 2/16/16

Harper 2/16/16Holly 2/16/16

Andy and TC 2/15/16Heather 2/14/16

Heather 2/14/16Heather 2/14/16

Karen 2/3/16Tony 2/3/16

Karen 2/2/16Karen 2/1/16

Tony 2/1/16

All these bass were boated throughout February, 2016.

Roger 1/21/16Dan 1/23/16

Capt MickRyan 1/16/16

Roger 1/21/16Ryan 1/16/16

Roger 1/26/16Ryan 1/16/16

Dave 1/26/16Ryan 1/16/16

These bass were caught and released in mid to late January, 2016.

Dan 1/4/16

Capt MickDan 1/7/16

Scott 1/7/16Mick 1/5/16

The fish above were caught and released during the first week of January, 2016.

Jim 12/13/15Mick 12/15/15

Mick 12/13/15Bob 12/22/15

More quality fish caught mid to late December, 2015. Fish on!

Mike 12/4/15Mike 12/4/15

Mike 12/4/15

These fish were landed by client Mike Poissant December 4th, 2015.

Dan 11/30/15Wayne 12/2/15

Captain Mick 12/1/15

The fish above were landed the first week of December, 2015.

Captain Mick 11/20/15

This fish was one of eleven Mick scouted up on November 20th, 2015.

Sally 2/11/15Charlie 2/12/15
Gerry 2/27/15Bob 2/20/15
Jim 2/23/15Jed 2/23/15
Jim 2/26/15

The fish pictured above were caught during the second half of February, 2015.

Captain Mick 2/20/15
Mick landed the 8.66 pound monster above on February 20th, 2015.
She was officially weighed by Florida F&W staff
and entered in the Trophy Catch Florida Contest.

Dave 2/6/15Elliot 1/18/15Dan 1/21/15
Roger 2/2/15Ron 1/19/15

A number of cold fronts have moved through recently lowering the
water temps and keeping the big females from moving in on spawning grounds.
In spite of the tough conditions we've managed to boat a few giants.
Temps are on the rebound and the big girls are moving up!
The bruisers pictured above were caught in late January and early February, 2015.

Ryan 1/12/15Brett 1/12/15
Brett 1/14/15Ryan 1/12/15
Mick 1/14/15Brett 1/15/15

Ryan and Brett fished with Captain Mick
for several days in mid January with an average of 15-25 good bites each day.
The bass above were caught from January 12th to 15th, 2015.

Bill 12/31/14Wayne 1/2/15

Bill and Wayne fished with the Captain on December 31st, 2014 and January 2nd, 2015 respectively.
Above are some beautiful largemouth boated on those outings.

Mick 1/6/15Mick 12/20/14
Mick 12/24/14Mick 12/28/14

Mick is constantly scouting for hot areas to catch big bass for his clients.
These bruisers were caught from December 20th, 2014 - January 6th, 2015.

Captain Mick 12/14/14

These largemouth bass were caught December 14th, 2014.
They anchored the 19.95 pound bag that helped Captain Mick and his partner Dan win the
Tavares Sunday Open at the Buzzard Beach Launch on the Harris Chain, second week in a row!

The largemouth bass below were caught December 7th, 2014.
They anchored the bag that helped Captain Mick and his friend Dan win the
Tavares Sunday Open at the Buzzard Beach Launch on the Harris Chain!

Captain Mick 12/7/14

Wayne Morris fished with Captain Mick on December 5th, 2014.
They boated over a dozen bass in six hours including these beauties below!

Mick 12/5/14Wayne 12/5/14

The Captain went out scouting on December 3rd, 2014.
He landed 16 bass, three of which are pictured here...

Captain Mick 12/3/14Captain Mick 12/3/14

Fourteen bass were boated on December 1st, 2014.
There were several cookie cutter fish in the three pound range.
This bass, just shy of four pounds, was landed by Sue...

Sue 12/1/14

Captain Mick's first full day of fishing happened on Thanksgiving, November 27th, 2014
He landed 14 bass throughout the day, including the two bruisers pictured here.
It's great to be back on the Harris Chain catching big Florida strain bass!

Captain Mick 11/27/14Captain Mick 11/27/14

Highlighted Fishing Reorts from Winter 2013-2014

The Captain fishes Lake Champlain in the spring, summer and fall seasons.
He returns to Florida in December 2014, just in time for prime pre-spawn fishing.
Call Captain Mick to get your Florida winter trip on the books now!
(518) 578-9273

Here are some highlights from last winter's trips...

On March 18, 2014 Captain Mick spent his last outing on the Harris Chain with his son Marshall before heading back to Lake Champlain. Marshall landed is personal best, a beautiful 9.7 pound largemouth! With fishing like that both father and son hated to leave!

Dan and Mick fished a Sunday open on March 9th and Don and Mike fished with Mick on March 11th, 2014.

Don 3/11/14Dan 3/9/14

John and his son JP joined the Captain for an outing on March 7th, 2014 and it turned out to be another big fish, big numbers day. Twenty three fish were boated including the two beauties below. As always, our fish were all caught on artificial baits.

"Captain Mick guided us to some very good fishing on a real cold day. I caught my biggest bass yet! We're all signed up for a lake trout trip with him in June on Lake Champlain."
~ John Petrosky Sr.

John 3/7/14Mick 3/7/14

Terry and Marc did a four-hour trip with Captain Mick on March 4th, 2014.

Terry 3/4/14Marc 3/4/14

"Captain Mick put me on my biggest bass and my biggest freshwater fish ever. That fish alone was worth every penny!"
~ Terence Keefe

Seth and his dad fished with Mick on the first of March, 2014. We boated a bass that would have placed high in the Oakley Big Bass tournament going on that day.

Seth 3/1/14

Andrew and his brother Arlen fished with the Captain on February 28th.

"Thanks Captain Mick for a great day! Book us for two boats on Lake Champlain."
~ Arlen Murphy

Arlen 2/28/14Andrew 2/28/14

Ryan and Zach fished with Captain Mick on February 21st and Ryan hung around for a few extra days.

"Finished the week off strong with a couple Harris Chain giants. I caught a mess of big fish this week. A huge thanks to Captain Mickey Maynard for guiding me. I had a blast!"
~ Ryan Latinville

"I caught my biggest ever largemouth bass and my first ever hybrid striper thanks to Captain Mick's expertise!"
~ Zachary McNaughton

Caught on the Harris Chain by Ryan 2/21/14Caught on the Harris Chain by Zach 2/21/14Caught on the Harris Chain by Ryan 2/25/14
Caught on the Harris Chain by Zach 2/21/14Caught on the Harris Chain by Ryan 2/24/14

The monster bass below was landed by John on February 12th, 2014 on a guided trip with Captain Mick.

"Mick has put me on my biggest Florida strain bass two years in a row!"
~ John McDonnell

Caught on the Harris Chain by John 2/12/14

Dan and Wayne fished with the Captain the first week of February.
These big bass were boated February 2nd and 3rd, 2014.
The Chain was on fire with the approach of the full moon!

"I've been fishing with Mick for six years, he never lets me down!"
~ Wayne Morris

Caught on the Harris Chain by Dan 2/2/14Caught on the Harris Chain by Wayne 2/3/14

Jim and Tony caught these bass on January 21st and 22nd, 2014
while fishing with the Captain on the Harris Chain!

"Captain Mick knows how to find the big fish on these lakes.
It was a bit cool out there, but Tony and I had an great time in Florida power fishing largemouth!
We'll be back."
~ James M. Cerra

Caught on the Harris Chain 1/21/14Caught on the Harris Chain 1/22/14

Jacqui caught the big bass below this past December
while fishing with Captain Mick on the Harris Chain!

"This has been an awesome vacation. I've never caught a bass this large!
Captain Mick is an experienced pro. He puts me on fish every time!!"
~ Jacqueline Filion

Caught on the Harris Chain 12/16/13

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