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Shasta's Shack Awards Program

The Purpose of establishing this Awards Program is to bring forth Quality, Dignity and Fairness to the rating of Web Sites by providing you with your point values, in the areas listed in the General Criteria, so you will know your weakest areas. This will help you to be able to know which areas to work on so you may obtain a higher rating within the Awards program when you apply for an upgrade.

Shasta's Shack is committed to the rating of Web Sites by establishing a rating system that there can not be any misunderstanding of how the Site is rated. I also feel that the longevity of an Award Program on the internet is an integral part of your commitment and seriousness to Award Giving.

The Rating system is very explicit.


Your site must meet all the mandatory criteria.

All sites must be able to gain enough point values listed in the General Criteria to be listed.

( General Criteria point values are as stated within this site. )

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