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Before emailing the required information or filling out the form below, you are advises to read through the hints and tips below as they explain how to get the most out of your application and avoid rejection.
Application hints & tips:
* If you do not fill in ALL required fields, your application will be rejected.
* Please provide your correct first and last names and not a "tag" or "handle" name.
* Make sure you provide a valid and correctly typed email address as this is how I will contact you.
* It is vital that the url you submit is correct. If you mistype this section I will not be able to access your site and consequently your submission will be rejected.
* When writing a description try to provide between thirty (30) and sixty (60) words explaining your sites purpose and what it offers. Refrain from using promotional language.

Check all information carefully before clicking submit.
Form success:
If the form below does not work, please submit through email. Copy and paste the following text, fill in each part and send to: with the title:
Shasta's Shack| Award Submission

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I employ the use of a code word to encourage applicants to read the requirements page. This is to help avoid unsuitable websites from being submitted. Although I will not fail applicants who do not enter the correct code word I will penalize them 5 points. To find the code word read the requirements page.

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Please let me know which award you are interested in receiving.
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