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The Awards Awards


Declaration of Ethics

Shasta's Shack

I, Shasta Cornejo-Mills, Owner of the Awards Program held at the Shasta's Shack Awards Program, do hereby declare that I will visit all Websites that apply for The Award listed on my website.

That in judging the applicants for my award that I will do so with honesty, integrity, fairness and dignity.

That I will judge all websites by the Criteria listed by my Awards Program.

That I will show no prejudice to anyone, for any reason, when considering them for my Award

That my Award Program is not a give away award, reciprocal award. My site has criteria that must be met, and I judge by this criteria.

Applicants from all sites are welcome, except as stated on my site.

That I will not consider any site that contains illegal content, Pornography or explicit sexual content, or discriminate against any person or any group of people for my Award

I agree to maintain a professional, friendly and positive manner in any correspondence with any Applicant.

I will respect the Privacy of all Applicants for my Award. All information received from applications will be deemed private, except that which is stated on award program

I agree to uphold the pledge of The Ethics Pledge Program, at all times maintaing high standards of honesty, integrity, fairness and dignity.
Submitted on this day, March 31, 2005


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