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Welcome to the Shasta'a Shack Award Program,

The prestigious award for web Design Excellence and the 2005 Excellence Award is a graphic orientated awards program but all types of websites are welcome to apply. This program is beneficial to both you the applicant and me the evaluator. I hope you and your site become more popular as a result of being a winner of my Award.
The Shasta's Shack Award of Excellence and Design Excellence was started to show my appreciation for individuals or groups that demonstrate a high level of proficiency in all areas of web design. I am committed to improving the quality of websites on the Internet. This program was designed to acknowledge the existence of unique talent and I am focused on providing them with the publicity they deserve.
This is not an easy award program as awards are not presented simply by applying for one; rather, they must be earned. To gain one of my awards your website will have to demonstrate distinct qualities which is bad news for any trophy hunter. All applicants are evaluated and recommendations are based on the sites graphics, navigation, layout, content and load time, as outlined in the criteria.
The program consists of two awards 2005 Excellence Award and the Design Excellence. Successful applicants (60+ points) receive an Excellence Award for 2005 or a Design Excellence.
In the following paragraphs you will read concise information about this award program. I invest a large amount of time into these awards, so please review all the parameters carefully. I try to have fair and friendly rules but they must be followed to be eligible.
Benefits for you:
� A beautiful award graphic for your site.
� A constructive critique of your website.
� Achievement for really "earning" an award.
� Increased traffic to your website.
� A possible improved search engine ranking.
� Reassurance to visitors that your site is of a high quality.
Benefits for me:
� Broader knowledge of websites in general.
� Program growth / expansion.
� Increased traffic to my website.
� A possible improved search engine ranking.
Required reading:
� It is important to read both our eligibility and requirements pages. Failure to read these sections will seriously harm your chances of success.
� You are required to read the rules to which you must agree to be eligable.
Recommended reading:
� I advise you to read our criteria as it provides an explanation of what I am looking for along with detailed scoring analysis.
� I recommend you read the procedures page in order to familiarize yourself with how this program works.

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